It is the most powerful production sports car ever made by Mercedes AMG. The Motorsport department celebrates the 55th anniversary of the house in the best possible way.

Let's say immediately that the car in question is made in a limited series of 55 units. All those who want to buy this car, therefore, must definitely hurry, as not a few people in the world are setting their sights on this gem.

Mercedes wanted to further expand the GT family, with a new and iconic model. The Mercedes AMG GT Black Series was used as the basis for the development of this limited series. With a consumption of about 13 liters per 100 km, we are therefore talking about a car that is really not very economical even in terms of consumption, but which is certainly synonymous with total sportiness and outstanding performance.

The new car is distinguished by a concept dedicated exclusively to high-level performance, combined with track-tested qualities of the GT3 and GT4 models. The new limited series, of course, is not approved for use on the road, as truly extreme precautions have been chosen in order to maximize its technical potential.

The heart of the engine is a twin-turbo with a V8 structure and 4000 cubic cm of capacity. Thanks to customized Motorsport injectors and specific software, it is capable of delivering approximately 734 horsepower and a maximum torque of 850 Newton meters.

This car was built in the midst of the sustainable mobility revolution, but it uses only pure and simple traditional fuel.

To free the horses and unleash them, there is a six-speed sequential racing gearbox with an adjustable differential that transfers all the power to the rear axle.

The suspensions are obviously designed and built specifically for sporting moments, with a fully adjustable 4-way structure. As is normal in motorsports, each of them has a possible setting at high speeds and at low speeds, in the various levels of compression.

The ride height can also be adjusted to maximize performance. To complete the setting, there are anti-roll bars, individually adjustable to find an optimal setup.

This car has a very low weight given the power of the engine and the scale stops at just 1400 kg. This goal was achieved thanks to the use of carbon fiber inside many components of the car.

In terms of aerodynamics, Mercedes has worked hard to achieve optimum levels. The front slits allow to obtain an optimal air flow for the engine. The rear brakes are cooled, also thanks to air cooling channels.

If we look at this vehicle from the front, we will notice how there is a specially characterized and specific grille that allows an optimal air flow directly to the radiator.

Looking at the car from the rear three quarters, however, you can clearly see the racing rear wing, which has been modified and is mechanically adjustable.

The wheels are 18-inch, high-gloss forged into alloy wheels. This size, according to Mercedes, is the ideal rim size for all GT racing cars.

In terms of aesthetics, a special semi-gloss finish stands out, which allows to give even more prestige to the car. In terms of color, the combination of anthracite and red was chosen.

As far as the electronics are concerned, a specially made, easy-to-use control unit has been installed, which maintains optimal management of the car. Through this control unit, it is possible to adjust the sportiness of the car on 12 levels.

Climbing on board the car, the concept of safety was clearly applied, but also that of minimal comfort. There is obviously a high-strength steel cage, bolted to the aluminum frame, with an extraction hatch located in the roof.

The driver's safety cell is made of carbon and has large dimensions, so that even tall drivers have enough space to move. The seat belts are 5-point and are combined with a customizable ergonomic seat with foam.

The final result is a safety cell that allows you to meet the latest standards of the International Motoring Federation.

Those looking for comfort aboard this car will be a little disappointed as several features that echo the word comfort have been deprived. Padding materials, such as the inner fairing or the electric windows, are absolutely not present on this car.

Here is how Mercedes wanted to celebrate the 55th birthday of its division, with a limited series of 55 units. Each of the cars are hand built in Germany and no information has been released regarding the price range that we can contemplate.

Surely the price will be very high, and very little in line with the availability of the majority of people. However, these cars are absolutely unique and can hardly be associated with ordinary people.

These are very few people in the world who can afford to buy a car that is totally synonymous with extreme performance and performance that goes far beyond the ordinary management of a car. The result, however, is truly splendid and allows for the creation of a car totally focused on performance aspects.


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credit photo MERCEDES media press