It was 2011 when BMW launched the first car belonging to a new era. Now the time has come to blow out the 10 candles and make the first assessments.

10 years go by very quickly and even more in the automotive world. In fact, it seems like yesterday when BMW launched its BMWi brand.

The German car manufacturer has decided to place a media campaign on social media that will allow us to retrace all these 10 years in order to make people understand how much mobility is changing and how much BMW is trying to give its best to meet the needs of the market. This campaign started yesterday on the car manufacturer's social networks and will continue until the 2021 International Motor Show.

The BMW i Brand is indeed a mix of tradition and innovation . It is not an aspect external to the company, but it is even central in several aspects. In fact, we are not talking about a sports division or a division linked to competitions. We are talking about a part of the company that, thanks to the movement and the world's propensity for sustainable mobility, must absolutely be the main focus of the new BMW.

According to a note from the German brand, the brand is characterized by a holistic approach to sustainability. After 10 years we can in fact say that BMW's decision to position this new style of mobility within its business con is truly spot on.

In 2021 we will in fact see the debut of the iX. It is the new technological flagship of the BMW group in the areas of design, automated driving, connectivity, electric mobility and digital services. Shortly thereafter the presentation of the BMW i4 will also arrive, or the concept of sportiness combined with purely electric driving . A midsize premium sports car that will go to duel with other international automotive giants.

Both the BMW iX and the BMW i4 are equipped with fifth generation eDrive technology . In practice we are talking about the standard in the competitive environment of electrified vehicles, thanks to efficiency in electric traction and long range.

An important starting point in engine design is the decision to forgo rare earths . This aspect is really very important as it allows us to design future cars in a more sustainable way for our planet and for current and future generations. An objective that not only sets itself the objective of not polluting, thanks to electric propulsion, but also of protecting the world from the exploitation of raw materials.

BMW's electric breakthrough is important. By 2023 it intends to build 25 electrified models, to give a wide range of choice for all those interested in embracing the world of zero-emission mobility. The goal is also to sell more than 7 million electrified vehicles, ie electric and hybrid, by 2030. Furthermore, electric ones will have to be two thirds of the total in 2030.

Some examples of upcoming fully electric projects? The new 7 Series, BMW's flagship par excellence, will have a fully electric version from the next generation. And so is the new 5 Series and X1.

Happy birthday BMW and another 10, or rather 100 years of green positioning.

credit photo BMW media press