The AMG department of Mercedes has recently updated its dry two-seater in Coupé or Roadster version. Now there is the integrated adjustment of the driving dynamics, which allows for a further increase in agility. This and many other news present. Let's find out together.

We honestly would hardly want to find ourselves in the AMG engineers' place. We are talking about one of the most envied and noble sections in terms of performance in the Automotive field. In fact, we would never want to find ourselves in this division, as their job is to always improve something absolutely perfect. They must always go in search of something more and always position the product one millimeter beyond the competitors. Certainly a good job and certainly also satisfying, but believe us, the first time you get on board an AMG GT, one immediately wonders what there is still to perfect. Despite everything, the AMG engineers at Mercedes have created the 2021 version of the GT coupe and Roadster.

In terms of design, the front grille has recently been refined. We have in fact new front lights, but also rear ones. The tailpipes have also been remodeled, they have a so-called new way of expressing themselves. Returning for a moment to the front headlights, the latter are obviously of high-performance LED technology. The trifunctional optical fibers, which were used in the form of an arc, include the functions of daytime running light, position and of course also the direction indicators.

In this way, the illumination is optimal of the roadway and now also have a dynamic and sporty look, thanks to the black background given with this update. The rear lights also have a black background and this allows for even more aggression to be transmitted to those who look at the car.

For lovers of alloy wheels , the 2021 model includes new designs with ay-spoke spokes in matt black and turned with a mirror finish. It is also possible to have 10 double-spoke forged alloy wheels in titanium gray that have been turned with a mirror finish or in matt black with a turned rim edge with a mirror finish.

Getting on board , you immediately understand how technology is something essential. Thanks to the innovative display on the fully digital dashboard as standard, the instrumentation passes through two displays. The first has a 12.3-inch diagonal, while the second 10.25-inch is positioned in the center. There are three display styles to choose from, including classic, sporty and super sporty. The latter includes a whole series of additional and specific information for the AMG declination. In fact, we can find the manual mode of the gearbox, the suggestion to switch to higher gear, derived in terms of visual from the world of racing.

Thanks to a button on the steering wheel, it is also possible to set all the information we want to display on the part of the digital instrumentation. The steering wheel also underwent a major restyling. Already a rookie in the AMG four-door versions, we now also find it in the current two-door models. Thanks to a flattened shape at the bottom, and a shaped crown with intuitive controls, the steering wheel is certainly characterized by a sporty design. The crown lining is defined with black nappa leather, perforated to ensure optimal grip in every single situation.

In this way, the Mercedes designer have once again managed to create something truly perfect, renewing a product that any car enthusiast surely has, within their dream list.

credit photo MERCEDES media press