Summer is approaching and many people are changing tires. The tire dealers are also proposing the installation of all-season tires. What exactly is it about?

Whenever we go to a tire dealer to change our tires, he will propose the best solutions on the market. In the event that we go to a tire shop in the winter, he will clearly propose to install winter tires and in the summer those dedicated to high temperatures.

There are just pneumatic tires defined as "four seasons", which are suitable for installation and use throughout the year. These are the so-called "Four Season" tires.

Technically these tires have been made to fit and give maximum comfort support throughout the year. We remind you that driving with tires that do not conform to our car entails fines that can reach over € 1500. To find out which tires are suitable for our car, we can view the vehicle registration document, where we can find the corresponding approved measures.

Technically recognizing a Four Season tire is very simple. On the shoulders of these tires there is the M + S marking or the acronym of Mud and Snow, or Mud and Snow. A sketch of a stylized mountain with snowflakes can also be identified. This is an alternative to the M + S lettering.

These tires have a particularity , as they are aesthetically similar to the winter ones as they have very interesting grooves, but still have a softer compound.

Technically these tires perform better during the summer than in the winter. They are widespread in Italy, but also in other countries.

They cannot be used excellently, however, in the most difficult places. These rubbers have a high silica content within the compound, which allows for softness and resistance to rigid temperatures.

Obviously these tires cannot be the ideal replacement for snow chains in extreme cases. Obviously the chains can be installed quietly and serenely, but clearly they are not comparable.

Technically they are not even comparable to winter tires, if the snow is too abundant and there are difficulties in maneuvering.

This explains what four-season tires are and why it is convenient in certain cases to install them. If we live in a mild climate, which therefore does not bring with it temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot, then the thermals and summers can be changed and replaced with a four-season one.