The first machines to produce the legendary Yaris GR, an ultra-sporty version of the ultra-compact Yaris, have finally gone into operation. Let's go over the details of this exceptional vehicle well.

The first machine that was set in motion to build the new Yaris GR went into operation on 26 August. Built in the Motomachi plant, Toyota has started producing the first cars that will be delivered by the end of the year.

Toyota finally returns to making sports cars, truly peppery cars, as well as intercepting a very large slice of the automotive market. Toyota has always been synonymous with quality, warranty and well-built machines. For some time, however, it was no longer synonymous with an aggressive, high-performance car worthy of leaving several chills on the drivers' backs. To bridge all this, the technicians or rather the Toyota engineers have decided to create the sports version of the Yaris. A real four-wheeled peperino.

To achieve all this, Toyota had to set up the Motomachi factory in a particular way. There are different types of assembly cells connected to each other by automatic guided vehicles, also including assembly lines and body lines without conveyor. In this way it was possible to create a very rigid structure of the car, which is essential for sports cars to ensure perfect handling of the car on the road. Furthermore, the assembly is much more accurate, which is difficult to obtain at the same level with a standard production with high capacity. In fact, Toyota works a lot on the quantity of cars sold, obviously without neglecting the minimum quality aspect. However, getting something more requires a change in the production organization.

The new Toyota GR is not technically made by Toyota, but by a sub-section called Toyota Gazoo Racing. The best highly skilled technicians from all Toyota divisions were brought together. We are talking about the so-called grand masters of each single department, endowed with exceptional craftsmanship skills

These great masters have a double task: to go and build the new Toyota Yaris GR, but also to train new hires and implement the knowledge of current workers and assemblers.

The starting point of the GR Yaris also known as GR Yaris, is the WRC competition championship. Based on the new platform, it has under the hood a 3-cylinder 1.6 Turbo engine with 261 horsepower and 370 Nm with all-wheel drive GR four. The weight of the machine is really low as it stands at 1280 kg.

For fans of car customization, due to the aesthetic and structural aspect it is not possible to make changes to the car. In fact, there is only one set-up called Circuit. The list price is € 39,900 and includes truly excellent sports equipment. We are talking about 18-inch forged alloy wheels, Michelin Pilot sport tires, red brake calipers, dual chrome exhaust, suspension with double wishbone MacPherson sports suspension and all-wheel drive with front rear Torsen differential.

Some spots with the GR logo will be visible inside the car, such as on the seats or on the leather steering wheel. Clearly, sporty luxury is not lacking, almost handcrafted by these great Toyota masters who are obsessively dedicated to producing this exceptional racing car. With delivery at the end of the year, we could see all the fantastic Toyota GRs roll on our roads at the beginning of 2021 and battle on the circuits as well.


credit photo Toyota media press