New year, new endurance races for Toyota Gazoo. Here is the new super hypercar, which will compete in the 2021 endurance world championship.

There is not only Formula 1 in terms of spectacle for motor racing. There are dozens of world championships of various kinds and of various structures that allow you to directly challenge cars of the same rank, within exciting tracks. Many races have a limited number of laps on the track while others are real endurance races, or races that allow you to challenge your competitors in hours and hours of racing.

The famous 24 Hours of Le Mans, a race that spans 24 hours around the same track, is the striking example. For the new year, for this year 2021 praised by all in terms of rebirth and moving away from the coronavirus, Toyota Gazoo wanted to create a new hupercar specifically for the 2021 endurance world championship.

Technically we are talking about the Fia World Endurance Championship WEC, which will see the Toyota Gazoo Hypercar Gr010 Hybrid entered on its starting grid.

For the uninitiated, we are talking about the reigning world champions and winners three times at # LeMans . Thanks to this innovation, we will try to defend once again the titles won and maintain the gap from their competitors.

To develop this car, it took 18 months thanks to the collaboration between the engineers of the German team and the experts of hybrid propulsion of Higashi-Fuji in Japan.

The car allows you to have under the hood a four-wheel drive hybrid racing engine with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 thermal engine. The power released is even 680 horsepower to the rear wheels, which is combined with a 272 horsepower generator unit on the front axle. However, according to recent regulatory updates, total power is limited to 680 horsepower. This means that the electronics of the vehicle reduce the power of the combustion engine (i.e. the thermal one) depending on the amount of power of the hybrid being delivered.

According to an aesthetic aspect, there are no major changes compared to the previous version. The 2020 model was clearly studied and modified by optimizing some small aspects. The car is technically 262 kg heavier and has 32% less power than the previous model. This assumes the expected lap times at Le Mans are 10 seconds slower, also due to the larger size of the vehicle. The car is in fact 25 cm longer, 10 cm wider and 10 cm higher.

The drivers who will try to conquer the new world championship are of the highest order and some have even passed to Formula 1. We are talking for example of Kobayashi and Buemi to which are added Mike Conway , José Maria Lopez , Kazuki Nakayama and Brendon Hartley .

For all fans of technical data, the bodywork is a carbon fiber composite, while in exchange it is a sequential seven-speed transverse. With a multi-plate clutch and a mechanically locking differential, the suspension is independent, front and rear double wishbone with push rod system. The brakes are Akebono alloy monobloc calipers with ventilated carbon discs, while the rims are in magnesium alloy.

We will see if Toyota Gazoo Racing can defend the world title with this fantastic and exciting new vehicle.

credit photo Toyota media press