The Italian-American automotive giant has decided to issue a long statement regarding its desire to become a global leader in electric SUVs.

When we hear the word Jeep, we don't normally think of an electric SUV. Normally our mind travels on images, such as the big diesels or gasoline, which have made the history of the American world.

However, the world is changing, and the Italian-American brand is carrying out a radical transformation of all its models.

A few days ago he decided to announce a comprehensive plan for the new generation of hybrid or fully electric vehicles. To present all this, a video was uploaded to the brand's YouTube channel, which foresees the introduction of 4 fully electric SUVs by 2025.

This plan aims to completely revolutionize the Jeep Automotive world: the brand wants to set itself by 2030 with truly ambitious goals. All cars destined for sales in Europe will be fully electric, while in the United States they will account for 50%.

All this to support and to give an important signal to the zero carbon dioxide emissions plan, which has been set by Stellantis.

To do all this it was necessary to analyze the current situation. As the brand's CEO recently said, great signs are coming in Europe and North America.

New images are coming to all-electric SUVs, namely the new Jeep Recon and the new Jeep Wagoneer. Not surprisingly, the best-selling plugin electric vehicle in the US is the Jeep Wrangler, but the new Grand Cherokee is also performing well.

The brand new Jeep Recon is 100% zero emissions. Ideal for those who love to venture into remote places in almost total silence, with a truly exceptional vehicle. The realization and the idealization of the whole project started from a 100% Green imprinting. This vehicle will be produced exclusively in electric mode and therefore vehicles with this structure and thermal engines will not be produced.

However, having an electric engine does not mean having a lower power: it was in fact put to the test of the Rubicon Trail, which is one of the most demanding off-road routes in the United States.

For the presentation it will be necessary to wait a few more months and precisely 2023. With the reservations that will take place at the beginning of the new year, production will only start in 2024. Also in Europe it will be possible to see this vehicle live, as it will be possible buy it.

Obviously, there is also the second large fully electric SUV, renamed Wagoneer S. This vehicle will have a range of about 400 miles and 600 horsepower with acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour of just 3.5 seconds.

From the front it can be recognized by a large distinctive LED illuminated grille, which allows you to immediately recognize this vehicle. Again, the presentation will take place in 2023 and production in 2024.

However, the first fully electric vehicle from the Jeep brand will arrive in Europe next year. We are talking about Jeep Avenger, a small compact SUV that is 100% green. A full electric vehicle, with a target range of 400 km with also truly excellent ground angles and bump angles for its segment. Looking at this vehicle externally, we can see how it is aimed at the so-called compact SUV market. Designed externally, according to the photos intercepted online, with some minimal details such as the headlights. The latter in fact are designed horizontally, in order to convey a sense of robustness, but of modern and futuristic design.

It is therefore a very fun and exciting modern SUV, which is aimed at a young audience and above all looking for a Jeep car, capable of giving an alternative performance.

To be able to see the new Jeep Avenger live, we should wait until October 17 as on that date there will be the official presentation at the Paris Motor Show. On the same day it will be possible to book this vehicle for the first time. To be able to see it live in the showrooms, however, we will have to wait until 2023, the year of revolution for the Jeep Brand.

Important news therefore for a brand that has really made the history of the automotive world. Getting on board a Jeep was, from the very beginning, a truly unique emotion. When one thinks of the brand that has also characterized the transport of the US military, one thinks of a vehicle capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Clearly, not every day the vast majority of people wade streams or face a tough off road. Normally people live in cities, or in any case within areas with paved roads.

This is why it is essential to understand the great appeal of this Brand, which has been able to bring into the minds of all of us, a reality that is far from real need.

First of all, it was the people who clearly used the vehicle in their most congenial way, that is off-road. Currently, those who buy a Jeep want a vehicle that is able to tackle any problem, even if it is not necessary. All this is due to a very serene and calm marketing policy, but which has never failed to assert its supremacy in the technical field, in dealing with every type of terrain.

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credit photo STELLANTIS