The event that is about to arrive in Milan and Monza will also see the debut in Italy of the new electric SUV of the Bohemian house. We are talking about the brand new Skoda ENYAQ IV, which is the first electric SUV from the Eastern European company. Let's find out together.

We are talking about Skoda's first 100% electric vehicle and it was built on the modular MBE platform.

All in all it is a car that is of significant dimensions even if they are not excessive. In fact, there is talk of a length of about 465 cm . The luggage space is huge and can even reach 1700 liters in volume.

The interiors are really very classy and have also been made with the use of leather treated with olive leaf extracts. Skoda has decided to use sustainable projects also with regard to plastics. The fabrics in fact combine a whole concept of natural and synthetic fiber that derive only from recycled material.

The fabrics in fact have a mix of 60% recycled polyester and 40% virgin wool that allows you to have an optimal seat regardless of whether it is summer or winter.

The car is very aerodynamic with a very low penetration coefficient. All this was achieved thanks to a series of aerodynamic decisions including the choice of positioning the rear-view mirrors on the doors and not on the traditional A-pillar.

For tech enthusiasts, it should be noted that the central air intake has been managed via an automatic bulkhead that is opened according to the need to cool the electric powertrain.

The car, we can say that it is totally designed to penetrate the air optimally and with the least resistance. The bottom of the car has been fully faired and this allows the car to move forward with less air resistance.

The car that will be presented in national preview in Milan will have various forms of power that can even reach the sportier RS version.

The Power can reach up to 220 kW and a drive torque of 460 Newton meter . The more "quiet" version accelerates from 0 to 100 in 11.3 seconds, while the sportier version manages to reach 6.2 seconds.

In terms of autonomy, the cars are able to reach up to 460 km, starting from a 355 for the traditional version.

In terms of technological equipment, we obviously have the front optical and rear LED groups as well as access to the car via a keyless system. Obviously there is no lack of automatic dual-zone climate control which therefore allows a perfect acclimatization of the person while driving.

The Skoda safety system includes 7 airbags in addition to the Lane Assist system, the cruise control and automatic braking with bicycle and pedestrian recognition.

In addition, there is the so-called SportLine , which provides a whole series of improvements both stylistic and in terms of performance. The autonomy can even reach 520 km on this configuration and this is certainly something exceptional.

The sportier versions also manage to reach peaks of 125 kW for fast charging and prices start at around โ‚ฌ 35,000 for the base, up to โ‚ฌ 48,000 for the sportier and more thrusting versions.

credit photo SKODA