The German Automotive Brand has decided to launch a special edition of 555 units for this exceptional car. Let's find out the details together.

Audi has always been an automotive brand linked to the Premium sector. News a few hours ago, is the decision by the German automotive company to create a special version, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the arrival on the market of the sportier version.

Audi # Q3, in fact, is a beautiful SUV that meets the needs of an average family in a good level of comfort. Obviously there are different engines and there are different realities, which can go to duel directly with other cars within the Automotive world.

Not all SUVs are ultra-performing, and are characterized by such strong sportiness. Audi RS Q3 is currently in its second generation, and 10 years after the first car built, here is the opportunity of this limited edition, renaming it Edition 10 Years.

555 units that will be available both on the Q3 version, but also in the Q3 Sportback version.

To distinguish these two types of cars is basically the rear window, which in the Sportback version is very arched and goes down quickly. It is in fact the Coupé version of the Audi Q3, which is therefore able to achieve a truly interesting design characterization.

This new special version can be distinguished in small details. Specific celebratory colors have been created for the body, silver and gray. The alloy wheels are 21-inch, with a double-spoke design and dimensions of 225 in width, and just 35 at the shoulder.

This design contrasts very well with the red brake calipers, which can also be molded onto the braking system with carbon ceramic brakes.

Technically, the special version can also be recognized by the black inserts that are visible inside the headlights, in the LED lights as well as in the side skirts and mirror caps. The glossy black also dominates the front spoiler and at the rear (precisely in the extractor). The logo of the four rings is also defined with a glossy black color, which gives sportiness and dynamism to the car. Climbing aboard this car, you immediately recognize the special version, thanks to the specially made bucket seats.

The backrests are made of matte carbon, and it's a debut on a sporty SUV. RS emblems, along with dynamic microfiber and leather upholstery, define the whole Mood inside the car.

Obviously there is no lack of copper-colored stitching, also visible on the steering wheel. Obviously, the identification numbering of the single specimen is not missing, visible on the text string inside the multimedia system, as well as in the illuminated door sill and in the projection on the ground of a red diamond when the doors are opened.

In terms of engines we can find under the hood, the beautiful 5-cylinder with 2500 cubic centimeters and 400 horsepower, combined with a 7-speed double clutch with permanent all-wheel drive.

The latter is able to distribute the torque between the axles, through an electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch. The acceleration times are almost supercar. The chronometer stops the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km per hour at 4.5 seconds.

The maximum speed is self-limited to 250 km per hour, but the release of the limiter may be required, which allows you to reach the top speed of 280 km per hour.

A car therefore very complete and complex at the same time. We do not know the details in terms of price for Italy, but we can definitely anticipate with absolute certainty that it will be an important value.

After all, we are talking about a car with a maximum torque of 480 Newton meters, already available from 2200 rpm. A car that is able to make the lucky people who are aboard this beautiful car feel wrapped up.

However, we want to underline how this acceleration monster was also made in a careful way with respect to the environment. In fact, the microfiber is composed of 45% recycled plastic fibers. In addition to the seats, it has also been used in other areas within the car.

In terms of infotainment, obviously the multimedia system has a carbon look and goes to decline all the information about the car in the 10-inch display.

The special package in Germany will cost around € 6000 and will be available from October this year. We will see if the values are also valid for Italy.


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credit photo AUDI media press