The oriental automotive brand has decided to present the third generation of its Qashqai. Let's find out the details together.

When you think of a Suv, you inevitably also think of the Nissan Qashqai.

We are talking about one of the most iconic vehicles in the automotive world of recent years. 5 million units were sold worldwide and around 340,000 in Italy. After 14 years of launch, here is now the third generation of Nissan Qashqai.

To achieve it, the platform designed by Nissan was perfected, which allows for improved driving performance . All this is also due to the low weight of over 50 kg. In this way, fuel consumption and performance are improved.

Nissan has also worked hard on the rigidity of the platform, in order to improve handling on the road. The platform is built in such a way as to get the most out of both a heat engine, but also an electric motor.

The look of the car is decidedly more aggressive, even if it does not grow much in the outer space. However, the space on board grows significantly. The wheelbase increases by 2 cm and this allows for easier rear seating. To increase this aspect, the doors that manage to open almost 90 degrees.

In terms of technology, Nissan is definitely second to none. Inside the car there are several displays that allow you to have a total immersion of the subject within the Automotive environment.

In fact, there is a 12-inch digital dashboard to which the 19-inch head up display and a 9-inch touch screen can be added, configurable with Apple carplay and Android auto.

Of course, Nissan has introduced its road sign reading technologies to Qashqai, as well as automatic braking and automatic speed adaptation. An interesting new central airbag has been introduced, which is added to the two front ones, in addition to the side and curtain ones.

As for the engines, Nissan Qashqai is produced with an important electrified range. Let's start, for example, with the petrol 1,300 cubic centimeters Hybrid which can be declined with two or four-wheel drive. Nissan also defined a threefold way to drive the car. We have in fact the Standard mode, for a balance in terms of performance and deficiency. We also have the Eco mode, to have greater autonomy and lower consumption. Finally we have the Sport mode, for a sportier and more aggressive choice of the road.

We must also not forget the possibility of selecting the guide suitable for snow and the most difficult routes. At a later time, the variant equipped with the powertrain e-power will also arrive in Europe.

It consists of a battery and a new 357 horsepower motor with variable compression ratio and a 190 horsepower electric motor. The petrol engine will be used only and exclusively to produce electricity while the wheels will be pushed forward by the electric motor.

We are therefore talking about a new concept of sustainable mobility, where the electric is the real basic engine of the whole system. Here is how Nissan introduces a new way of conceiving the sustainable mobility mode.

So pay attention to any new innovations from Nissan and from all other car manufacturers for what concerns the years to come. Sustainable mobility is in fact an essential aspect that will reserve us a lot of news now and in the coming years.

credit photo NISSAN media press