The French luxury carmaker places its history at the center of the future. Let's discover together details impossible not to love.

To plan the future we must first understand who we are and where we come from. It is essential to have within your Brand a very precise definition of what it currently expresses and wants to express.

The fundamental philosophy of DS Automobiles is to grow, observing the past.

A concrete example of all is the # DS9 E-tense luxury sedan which has a design featuring rear marker lights on the roof of the car.

This aspect is an element of the car's originality that we can easily see as it is not present on other four wheels.

If we go back in time we will remember how in 1955, at the grand Palais on the occasion of the Paris show, DS had proposed the direction indicators in the same place. A very particular location chosen by Bertoni to effectively characterize the design of the rear.

Another current car is in this case an SUV or the # DS7 crossback. The latter creates a reference to the originality developed on the DS21. The designer had in fact proposed headlights capable of turning together with the wheels in order to give the driver greater illumination when turning the computer in the dark.

The headlights of the DS Led Vision system allow all this and in fact are able to turn and rotate 180 degrees thus giving total adaptability to road conditions as well as speed and steering angle.

Obviously, we cannot forget all the hydropneumatic suspensions with which the DS made it possible to have amazing comfort on different road surfaces.

Also DS7 crossback presents the evolution of this system. The latter uses a multifunctional camera, which relentlessly reveals the condition of the road surface. In this way, the shock absorber automatically adjusts to the variable surface and the driving comfort affects the car.

Going down in size, we have the # DS3 crossback that allows you to connect the doors at the central pillar . This aspect is obviously a tribute to the DS3 which exhibited this detail on the rear side.

The history of DS is not only something of the past, but a place from which to draw on as many ideas as possible to create a future full of new and interesting stylistic perspectives.

photo credit DS AUTOMOBILIES media press