Now in its fifth generation, we see a much more dynamic and sporty design that should certainly make brescia among fans of the Korean brand. Let's find out together.

The first images of the first sketches of the new Kia have arrived. They are simply sketches which, however, should be practically definitive and anticipatory of the presentation that will be made on-line on September 1st.

We are talking about the brand new Sportage, or the maxi SUV of the North Korean house dedicated to the European market.

We have arrived at the fifth generation of this maxi SUV that has truly revolutionized the market. He was one of the first to enter the market and immediately created some imbalance in terms of image perception.

We were in fact in a period where city cars and 3-volume sedans were the real masters of the market. Kia Sportage has managed to wedge into this aspect and ride the growing need on the part of people for a vehicle that is taller than the regular sedan.

This is how we arrived at the fifth generation of the Kia Sportage, which is now being introduced in a new version designed specifically for European customers.

European customers have benefited from a whole series of improvements that will see in the fifth generation a very advanced design that completely redefines the style of Kia.

The technology is clearly at the forefront both for connectivity systems but also for the latest generation driving aids. Particular attention was also paid to the driver's seat in order to be able to give greater comfort during even long and demanding journeys.

This car has been declined through Kia's new design language, Opposited United.

The lines are simple and are dried according to a basic concept of the simplicity of nature. The character is decidedly sporty and very marked especially in the front part of the A-pillar. The vehicle seems to almost slip away at the rear, driven by an imposing nose and maxi wheels that will clearly be resized in the street version.
The maxi wheel arches cannot remain unexamined and integrate perfectly in a way that is in keeping with the general structure of the car.

There are still a few hours left from the official presentation of this maxi SUV completely revised for its fifth generation.

At 11 am on September 1st on the Kia channel we could have all the information including the engines and also all the details in terms of price list and creation platform.

credit photo KIA media press