News from Opel, for the most high-performance version of its Grandland SUV.

Having a large SUV does not mean sacrificing performance. We are all used to seeing ultra-performance cars, declined in compact and manageable segments in urban everyday life.

However, there is also an interesting segment of ultra-performance SUVs. Opel was also included in this segment, with its larger SUV.

We are talking about the new Grandland GSe, the large SUV from Opel, where under the hood we can find 300 horsepower, four-wheel drive and a very sporty appearance.

Lovers of the Opel world will know very well how the acronym GSe is used by the German automotive house to underline and recognize the sportiest versions of its cars.

In the past this acronym was used for the Opel Astra and other cars. Now the time has come to decline it also on a large and very well made SUV.

This ultra sporty version is immediately recognizable for some really interesting aesthetic customizations. The 19-inch alloy wheels are inspired by an Opel Concept from some time ago, and a specific diffuser was made for the rear. The hood can be requested as an optional black, in contrast to the bodywork.

Climbing into the car, you will recognize the really well-profiled and sporty seats, equipped with an Alcantara upholstery and with the AGR configuration, for optimal comfort and support across the entire back.

The interior does not change, and is very well made and linear. The large screen located in the upper part of the dashboard is well integrated into the whole. Getting on board this car is synonymous with comfort and concepts that are very well defined in linearity.

As we said before, under the hood we can find a plug-in hybrid engine composed on the endothermic side of a 4-cylinder 1600 cubic cm and to which an electrical part is combined. The latter is divided into two electric motors, one for each axis. In this way, the overall power is 300 horsepower with permanent all-wheel drive.

Considering the large size, a really important datum is the acceleration that from 0 to 100 km / h, stands at just 6 and a tenth seconds. The maximum speed instead manages to be that of 235 km per hour.

In addition to the engine data, we want to underline how dynamic performance is ensured by a specific suspension and steering calibration. Now it is decidedly more direct and allows for optimal management of the vehicle. The McPherson struts at the front and the Multilink suspension at the rear allow for optimal handling of the SUV in every single situation.

The technology has really been implemented on this car, to allow greater handling, thanks above all to the FSD system.

The SUV, being equipped with a hybrid engine, is also perfect for peaceful use in the city. Those who travel a few kilometers a day could recharge very well in the middle at their garage or at the public charging stations. The first 100 km, in fact, are considered with an average consumption of 1.3 liters. Clearly, if we then travel a very long journey, obviously consumption will be much larger.

This SUV therefore has an explosive blend of sporty performance and a decidedly environmentally friendly character. The sports suspension is immediately recognizable from various aspects, whether we are in front of the car, but also that we are on board and driving.

No information has been released regarding the production date and prices, but we imagine that it really is a matter of a few days, or at most a few weeks. In fact, Open presents its vehicles in immediate implementation and immediate availability at dealerships.

This vehicle, therefore, is part of a very sparsely populated sector and segment, namely that of ultra-performance SUVs. We can think, for example, of the large SUVs from BMW or even Jeeps, which are characterized by truly monstrous engines.

The price, in those cases, is very high and therefore Opel's choice of going to intercept an audience that is interested in performance, but also at a price that is, after all, “contained”, is really interesting.

We all would like to be able to drive a large, high-performance SUV, but the purchase price is often not affordable for everyone. Opel Grandland, on the other hand, is located within a very well crowded price segment, but with a sporty declination it could intercept many people, and be interesting in Italy but also abroad.

We will therefore see how the Italian market will react and how this beautiful SUV will be perceived by our beautiful country.

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