The house of the German star has decided to make its worst star shine in terms of Coupe. The new version of the SL taken to exasperation thanks to the AMG compartment.

A new star was presented a few hours ago, even brighter than in the past. A past that returns in the form of a classic fabric top and an engine that is truly embarrassing for how bright it is.

The Mercedes AMG SL is an elegant roadster in a 2 + 2-seater configuration. For the first time, it uses four-wheel drive to make the car perfect in everyday life.

Under the hood we find a beautiful engine with V8 structure and AMG twin 4-liter turbochargers. This engine has two power levels.

In the basic version we have a cavalry with 476 horsepower and 700 Newtonmeter of torque that can take the car from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 3.9 seconds and the maximum speed that can be reached is 295 km per hour (obviously on the track).

If these data were not enough for us, there is also a top of the range that manages to deliver 585 horsepower and a maximum torque available of 800 Newtonmeter. The sprint from a standstill up to 100 km per hour can cover just 3.6 seconds and the maximum speed exceeds 300 km by 15 km per hour.

In Italy, however, only the top of the range will be marketed while the basic version will not be officially released.

This car has a very modern design and docile road behavior, perfect for everyday handling.

The front grille is the classic Mercedes with silver vertical slats that contrast well with the deep black background of the front grille. The wheels are large or rather very large and almost touch the top of the grille. It almost seems that the car is glued around the wheels and this conveys a sense of extreme sportiness and dynamism.

Also in the Mercedes context, this car is a fitting tribute to a car that saw the light for the first time in 1952 with the 300 SL. Over the years this car has been modernized and brought to increasingly futuristic design levels.

This new generation has not completely changed the lines, but has simply modernized them making this car racy and aggressive at the right point.

It was presented with a really interesting color that stands out from the normal colors and colors that we can find on everyday cars. In the end it is not an everyday car even if it looks like this. The behavior on the road is in fact quite docile even if under the hood it has real monsters in terms of power as regards the engines.

No information is given regarding the price but we are certainly of the same type of prices that characterizes this car in recent times.

Space for on-board technology, as well as the new driving aid and infotainment systems, on the new SL Amg. This car is therefore perfect for any time you want something special.

A hybrid performance version is also on the way, available soon. A splendid example of sportsmanship that respects environmental sustainability.

credit photo MERCEDES media press