The European Commission has issued a directive according to which all cars must be insured, even if they are stationary or unused in a garage.

A cold shower is on its way for all motorists of cars parked in the garage or unused.

The European Commission and Europe have issued a directive according to which all cars must be insured with at least one car liability insurance.

The only condition for which a car owner will not be able to pay the insurance is linked to the fact that he is not able to perform his function. In simpler words, if from this car there are no wheels or engine, obviously it will not be able to circulate.

This decision was made a few days ago and from what is learned it will not be possible for individual States to make exceptions to the European decision.

These rules decided upon at EU level do not have immediate application but will presumably be introduced within the individual states within the next two years.

In fact, the formal adoption by the European Council and the subsequent publication of the Official Journal will be required.

Here is how insurance also enters private areas and not just public areas. In fact, if a person had a car that he no longer used and kept it on his property, he could not pay the insurance.

With this decision, therefore, all those passions of individual owners who could have the car only for a mere pleasure in seeing it inside their own property are eliminated.

It might seem like a particular decision but in the end it is a decision to try to make the declination of insurance homogeneous.

Let us always remember that car liability insurance for driving is mandatory for all cars in any corner of Europe but it is not certain that having a particular car in the garage cannot be the cause of certain accidents and problems related to it.

In fact, if an uninsured car, present within its own area, causes an injured person and is not covered by insurance, then the problems would be considerable.

For example, if we own a large piece of land and only we own such appreciation, the car insurance we use only within the perimeter of our property must be insured.

In fact, if we accidentally run over a person inside our property with an uninsured car, the problems could be important.

This is how the European Commission and Europe want to put a stop to all these shadows and these gray areas in order to make the situation as transparent as possible and also protect all car owners who in case did not ask themselves these questions.

credit photo FREEPIK