The German automotive house presents the 2023 version of its little M2 beast.

The automotive world is changing decidedly rapidly, towards sustainable mobility, but BMW does not deny anything from creating ultra-performance cars, based on the heat engine.

We are talking precisely about the little beast from BMW, the M2.

Under the hood we have a 460-horsepower straight-six. With rear-wheel drive, as tradition dictates, the gearbox can also be six-speed manual.

This car is perfect for those looking for top performance and enviable compactness.

In fact, the chassis comes from that of the M3 and M4, and has been adapted for the small car. A new concept therefore of an even more performing car and captivating agility and handling.

Looking at the car from the outside, it is immediately clear how the aggressiveness of the design is in line with what is expected of the car.

The proportions are typical of an athletic coupe, defined by a sophisticated vehicle control system. In terms of dimensions, the car is even 21 cm shorter than the M4, but it is wider than the classic 2 Series Coupé.

At the front, the car comes with the classic BMW kidney grille without a frame in this case.

The three-section lower air intake, with almost rectangular contours, gives the car a decidedly aggressive look.

All exterior lines are sharp and flared, including the muscular wheel arches.

The engine, as we have said, is an in-line six-cylinder developed within the BMW group, in order to give high performance thanks to M TwinPower Turbo technology.

Few aspects change regarding the engines of the M3 and M4 models. A 3-litre of power that is very responsive and definitely wants to rev up.

There are 460 horsepower available, which is 90 horsepower more than the previous M2 version.

The maximum torque of 550 Newton meters can be reached almost immediately, and is a top in terms of compactness within this segment. The maximum power peak is reached at around 6000 rpm, and the engine can easily reach 7000 rpm.

To discharge all this energy, a specific exhaust system with electrically controlled flaps is clearly not missing.

The standard gearbox is an 8-speed automatic with Drivelogic. The gear changes are decidedly sporty and ultra-fast, and allow for a direct connection between engine and rider.

The acceleration times are really very good, considering the not excessive "throttle" of the engine. There is just talk of four seconds to get from zero to 100 km/h and 13 seconds to get to 200 km/h.

The tenths of a second are really negligible, and by this we mean how ultra-performance and competitive the car is with other decidedly more sprint, but also more expensive cars.

This car is equipped with 19-inch light alloy wheels on the lower axle and 20 on the rear axle. Looking at the M3 and M4 models, we notice the one inch difference in the diameter of the rims fitted to these models.

Climbing aboard the car you immediately notice how digital infotainment is the master. There are dual 12 and 14-inch displays, which allow you to have a complete view of all the necessary information.

The sports seats have a model-specific design and also feature high-quality Alcantara fabric.

The three-zone automatic climate control allows you to have a congenial climate control system in all areas of the car.

Of course, there is no shortage of sports packages, which give the car even more possibilities for enjoyment.

To tell the truth, this car was not designed for the road, but was designed for people who like to rent a circuit and have fun in total safety.

No information has been released regarding the price, but it will definitely be in line with what was expressed by the previous M2.

A car definitely not for everyone, in terms of usability and not within the reach of all budgets. BMW, however, is not concerned with this aspect, but wants to create a decidedly excellent car in terms of usability and driveability.

Once again BMW has managed to create that something extra that other automotive companies had failed to achieve. We are referring to the extreme compactness of the car, linked to dynamism and explosive strength in terms of power.


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photo credit BMW media press