Here comes the new version of the Japanese brand's Crossover Coupé, improved in content and style.

Toyota has decided to completely renovate its C-HR car. Compared to the previous version it is 3 cm shorter, and now registers 436 cm in length.

It is certainly a car that is immediately noticeable, thanks to a very particular and personal style. Also thanks to the handles that disappear and the double coloring of the bodywork, it is impossible not to notice it.

The car in question is made in hybrid mode in two configurations. The first is the full Hybrid mode, with 1800 or 2000 cubic centimeter engines, even at 198 horsepower. The most powerful, the 2000 cubic cm engine, is also available in a 4x4 variant with an additional 41 horsepower electric motor, which allows the rear wheels to be driven for maximum grip.

For the first time there is also a plug-in version, combined with a 2000 cubic centimeter displacement. Toyota promises 66 km of electric range and 223 horsepower.

With prices starting at around 35,000 euros for the full hybrid and 45,000 euros for the plug-in version, the first deliveries will arrive in 2024.

Lovers of physical keys will be absolutely satisfied, since they have not been removed and, indeed, are in abundance inside the car. The materials are really well cared for and the finishes are very nice. The soft panels inside the car allow for truly remarkable sensory comfort.

The controls of the car have been placed in strategic positions, in order to be immediately found by people. The climate, for example, is managed by large buttons which therefore make it possible not to make mistakes when changing the climate conditions inside the car.

We have no news regarding the size of the trunk, and specifically whether it will be larger or smaller than the current model.

However, we will have to consider a small loss from the trunk of the plugin version, due to the presence of the battery pack.

The dashboard of the car will certainly be digital, with a diagonal of 12 inches. There are also Apple Carplay and Android Auto, which however will place all the information inside the large display positioned in the upper part of the dashboard.

Unfortunately, cell phone information cannot be displayed in the digital cockpit dashboard, as Toyota has not given access to the on-board control unit to the two great infotainment players.

The multimedia system is typical of Toyota, i.e. very fast and intuitive. There is a duty to pay, or rather not very elaborate graphics and few functions available to the driver.

What we can say that can be improved is certainly access to the second row. Also in consideration of the fact that the car has a very particular style, with a sloping roof at the rear, surely those sitting behind must not be too tall to get into the car. Those who are taller than 190 cm may in fact have some problems getting on board. However, once you get on board, the habitability overhead is good, considering the shape of the car.

Driving a car of this type, however, presupposes a low visibility of the rear three-quarters, also in consideration of the very small windows which preclude external visibility.

Those sitting in the second row will not be able to benefit from direct air vents, nor pockets on the doors. A flaw that will certainly be noticed by families and by all those who also want to have good roominess in the rear of the car.

Toyota has always been a friend of technology, and has always tried to get in touch with ever-increasing usability within the Automotive world. In fact, the mobile phone can be used as a key to open the car, but also to start it or control the doors.

There is also a very interesting application, which allows the car to enter and leave the parking spaces, while remaining outside the car. A really brilliant application that can allow people to get into the car, just in case when the car is in tight parking spaces and there would be difficulty getting into it.

In terms of driving aids, there is no shortage of second-level semi-automatic driving, which is the maximum allowed in Italy, but also a whole other series of truly ultra-technological systems typical of the Toyota brand.

Here's how Toyota has once again managed to change its car offering, with a very interesting new line. Looking at it from the front, you immediately notice these large headlights running along the sides and forming two Cs positioned at the ends.

They are certainly lights that are noticed and that you either love or hate. With these very taut and very vivid lines, it's sure to be a car that will make its mark on history within the Toyota world.

The lines that run along the sides then end in a fairly regular rear end, characterized by a long strip of horizontal LEDs.

We'll see how the Italian market responds and the sales figures of this new SUV Coupé, which we remember will arrive from next year.



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credit photo TOYOTA media press