The German automotive company presented the prototype of an SUV with important equipment and performance that will see the light in the final months of 2022.

BMW wanted to release some images relating to a high-performance SUV with a decidedly aggressive design.

We have to wait a few more days or better a year to see it live, even if it will be represented from 2 to 4 December at the American Art Basel exhibition scheduled in Miami.

In fact, this car can be inserted within a concept of modern art just like many other works of art that will be exhibited for the occasion.

This maxi SUV has the Lamborghini Urus as a direct competitor and in fact the lines are very aggressive and sharp. The name that the Automotive house gave to this vehicle is Concept XM.

Taking advantage of taut lines and very accentuated geometric patterns, here is a car that certainly does not go unnoticed on the road. The definitive model should be born in the US factory where BMW makes almost all of its SUVs.

Production should start at the end of 2022 and therefore we have to wait until the very last month of next year to have this Christmas present.

To put the signature on this monster is the BMW Motorsport department or the excellence in terms of performance of the German brand. We cannot understand much what the performances are from the images but we just need to understand how this car is performing by observing the data expressed between the number of horses and maximum torque.

In the front hood there will be a V8 petrol engine together with an electric motor that will be able to release 750 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1000 Newton meters.

The car will be able to travel 80 km only with the electric mode in order to make the ordinary laps of the day in the city.

This vehicle is a car that aims to totally break the mold and produce something that will leave its mark in the world of cars. The eternal is very muscular and the interior is characterized by a minimal definition and an almost entire large screen that goes from the dashboard to the central dashboard.

The inside view is in fact more traditional even if quite futuristic but the outside is something really impressive.

We do not know if all the details contained within the photographs released will then be converted to a real car on the road. In fact, we do not know if BMW will want to place a product equal to the prototype on the market.

Automotive manufacturers are more daring in prototypes and then fall back slightly in terms of aggressiveness and stylistic lines. The final product will still be of absolute value.

Therefore, an appointment at the end of 2022 to see this fantastic vehicle on the road, whose acceleration performance data and the price list are obviously not yet known.

credit photo BMW media press