The Asian luxury house has decided to present a rather particular and unusual vehicle, powered only by hydrogen.

The hydrogen vein is reaching interesting levels of implementation. Lately we notice several car manufacturers that are working and are carefully studying the future of sustainable mobility in this respect.

Some houses are more interested such as Asian ones. An example is in fact the Lexus that has created this new Concept devoted mainly to fun.

We are talking about an ROV, which is nothing more than a small fully open off-road vehicle perfect for making exits in unpaved and inaccessible places.

This new Concept is powered by hydrogen and therefore allows zero-emission driving in total silence and in total respect for nature.

The vehicle has generous dimensions since all in all it is a 2-seater and has a length of just over 3 m and a height of 1.80m.

Passengers are obviously protected by the bodywork and the front fender has been specially designed to prevent passengers from being hit while driving by mud or stones or other objects.

This vehicle has also been designed in order to protect the rear hydrogen tank, but also allows a carefree and very bright driving.

Presented in a bronze color, it has very sturdy suspensions perfect for making demanding off-road vehicles.

According to a design plan we notice the front and rear lights with an L-shaped Lexus motif and obviously the logo of the oriental car manufacturer is not missing.

On the engine side, we have an internal combustion engine capable of unleashing an important torque value as declared by the Automotive house.

No information has been given about recharging times or autonomy and not even the power released by this engine. We are therefore talking about a rather particular Concept and that we do not even know if it will be realized tomorrow.

Thanks to a very light car body, made of tubular frames and generous suspension, the driver could still have some very interesting fun situations aboard this car.

In fact, this concept was created to give a concrete response to the growing passion for outdoor living, always within the context of sustainable mobility.

Lexus does not simply want to create products related to mobility within cities but also outside, always respecting carbon neutrality.

We all know how hydrogen is a delicate fuel and placing it within a Concept devoted to life in the open air in quite extreme situations, underlines how studies are underway to have this form of power supply in a stable and stable way. controlled and safe.

photo credits LEXUS media press