The Romanian carmaker's small electric car was named "Best Buy Car of Europe 2022"

2021 is greeting us and therefore a whole series of awards are coming for the best performing cars and the most interesting ones for the future.

A European jury linked to AUTOBEST, made up of journalists from 32 European countries, has defined the winner of this important award.

There were 6 cars in the final stage, but this car definitely won them all. Statistics show that this is the first time that this award has ended up in the hands of an electric car as we are talking about the first fully electric Dacia car.

Even the Brand connected to the Renault world has decided to open up to sustainable mobility and create a small car perfect for the city that simply uses electricity.

In fact, the award goes to reward not only the car but also the ecological transition underway.

All those who have been lucky enough to see this nice car will have been impressed by its small size, while those who have bought it are certainly satisfied with the ease of driving.

We are talking about a success story of this vehicle, as since March 2021 there have been over 3800 registrations in Italy and 43000 orders in Europe.

Recent rankings always define it as one of the best-selling electric cars to individuals. The simplicity of this vehicle, combined with all that is necessary and essential, fits perfectly with an unbeatable price in Europe.

The declared range of Dacia Spring up to 305 km in the WLTP cycle in the city and 230 in the mixed cycle are not among the leaders in the area of electric cars. However, the crossover style and the very low price made it possible to have a truly winning car.

In fact, this car was not made for long journeys outside the city but above all to be driven and experienced within the cities. The very low price is definitely much lower than any other electric car and this therefore makes it an object of interest for all those who want to embrace sustainable mobility but are still hesitant and uncertain about the full use of an electric car in long journeys.

This car is therefore perfect for all those who want to move around the city and have the opportunity to recharge their car in their garage without spending a fortune in the purchase phase.

As we have said, the essential aspects such as the air conditioning but also the navigation and the electric windows are not lacking and this is a fundamental aspect for this vehicle to be successful in our beautiful country.

An appointment therefore in December of next year to find out if 2023 will also have surprises in store about the number of electric cars finalists of this coveted award.

credit photo RENAULT media press