Sales of the new Mercedes T-class, just updated, have officially started. Deliveries will begin in July.

Finally, with the arrival of summer, # Mercedes wanted to freshen up its ideal vehicle both for the family, but also for work. After being anticipated in recent weeks, the German automotive house has decided to kick off sales of the new T class . In a first phase, it will be available only in the 5-seater configuration, but certainly in the future we will also see other types of configurations.

Thanks to the new T-class, Mercedes gains a compact model within the Premium segment. Functionality and style combine with comfort, in order to give people a unique product.

The typical customer of this vehicle is the family, but also leisure-oriented customers, who therefore want to have a lot of space at the weekend and in everyday life.

The exterior design is dry and minimal, as are the latest Mercedes. The muscular shoulders and the prominent wheel arches underline the emotionality and strength of the vehicle. The front radiator grille is chromed, and this allows for an even more exclusive character within the front area.

This bright yellow color goes very well with the careless spirit of the vehicle. The dimensions of the vehicle are approximately 4 meters and 50 cm in length for a width of one meter and 85 cm.

Mercedes, in the conception phase of this vehicle, has put an important hand to its ingenuity, and has defined the lowered loading edge at just 56 cm , which means loading and unloading heavy objects in a totally simple and comfortable way.

The side sliding doors allow for a very comfortable opening and access to the rear compartment. This way, children can get on and off quickly and safely, even where the roads are narrow and parking spaces are very limited.

The sliding doors allow an opening of 61 cm in width, which means different space to access.

The rear sofa can obviously be tipped as standard, and this allows the formation of a boot floor with an almost flat loading surface, thus facilitating all loading and unloading operations.

The construction quality of Mercedes is not in dispute, as can be seen already from the basic set-up. The MBUX infotainment system, with 7-inch touchscreen and smartphone integration, allows you to have total control of all aspects of the vehicle.

The instrument cluster with 5.5-inch color display allows the driver to have a complete view of the dashboard, with a very modern style.

As for the engines, we have a diesel and a benzina engine, respectively with 2 power levels. The four-cylinder engines are characterized by a high power already at minimum revs, and therefore allow for an optimal sprint, while remaining within a frugal consumption.

To have an extra sprint, the 85 kW diesel model allows a function that allows you to temporarily have a power of up to 89 kW and an increase in torque that can reach almost 300 Newton meters.

Obviously all engines are characterized by the Start and Stop function, which saves a lot of fuel within cities. The six-speed manual gearbox is flanked by a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, which allows for optimal vehicle management without getting stressed out in everyday city life.

The new vehicles are offered in the Style and Progressive trim levels in the launch phase.

The first is synonymous with refined design, and wants to intercept all those people who are looking for a really well-kept and elegant vehicle. This set-up can be recognized in the standard seat covers, characterized by a synthetic upholstery in black microfibre with double decorative stitching. There is also no lack of decorative elements on the doors and on the central console, in glossy black.

For those who love customization, it is possible, on request, to have these small decorative elements in matt lemon yellow color and seat upholstery with contrasting white stitching.

Inside the vehicle, there are also chrome inserts on the air vents, as well as on the speakers and door handles. Lumbar support in the driver's seat also ensures a comfortable ride, while the front passenger seat is also height-adjustable.

There is no shortage of practical folding tables on the backrests of the front seats on which it is possible to place smartphones or tablets.

In the T Style class, we have alloy wheels made from a 16-inch radius with 5-spoke design, as well as of course tinted windows in the rear and tailgate.

The Progressive line is characterized by even more elegance , and refined equipment. An unmistakable aspect of this set-up is the interior upholstery with contrasting decorative stitching in the upper part of the dashboard. The seats, in black synthetic upholstery, have white stitching with matt silver decorative elements.

The alloy wheels, on the other hand, are characterized by a 10-spoke design, with a radius of 16 inches. The High performance LED headlights feature a truly elegant and very functional exterior.

As for prices, we start from around 26,500 euros for the basic version, with deliveries starting in July 2022.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press