The technology used by the US brand is conquering the low-emission market in a truly striking way.

Once upon a time, large American vehicles were famous for their great performance and large displacements. If in Italy and in Europe, cars are famous for moderate consumption, in the United States, on the other hand, the story was distinctly different.

In the United States of America, the myth of great performance was in force, with displacements well over 4000 cubic centimeters. Not surprisingly, when Fiat decided to export the 500 overseas, the news was sensational. A truly ultra-compact car, which was almost hiding among the big US pick-ups. Yet that choice was widely baptized with full and wide success. The American automotive reality welcomed the Fiat 500 and also the Smart one with pleasure.

However, the United States has also progressively become a terrain for the development of technologies on electric cars, and in general on technology to reduce polluting emissions. Tesla is the automotive house par excellence, symbol of the sustainable revolution.

Jeep, on the other hand, has always been the symbol of life in the open air and off road. A few years ago, the top management of Jeep decided to put on the market a hybrid form linked to the engines for Renegade and Compass.

The data we see, as regards the month of July, show how this choice has been widely rewarded. Thanks also to attractive prices, technology on tap from overseas has reached a share of 20%.

Success is, as we said, basically linked to two cars, namely Renegade and Compass.

The Jeep Renegade is the best-selling rechargeable car in its segment, while the Jeep Compass is the best-selling low-emission model ever. So here's how this choice is giving concrete results for the US brand, but also for the entire stellantis maxi group.

The market share is equal to 20.6%, and this result is consistent with the leadership of the entire year 2021 and with the first quarter of this year. Very soon the new Jeep Grand Cherokee will arrive, with the same technology, now reaching the fifth generation. In fact, we are awaiting the arrival of the plug-in Hybrid version of the US maxi SUV.

The road to sustainable mobility is still very wide and vast, but these results highlight how research and development within the automotive world of the SUV segment is really convenient.

Jeep's small SUV should arrive next year, but it should use the same technologies as the Renegade. It has now been 2 years since the launch of these engines, and also a few weeks ago the legendary Wrangler, which also obtained the blessing of this hybrid propulsion.

Going to segment the sustainable mobility market in detail, within different SUV segments, highlights how the focus on sustainable mobility is not an aspect to be connected simply to a single segment.

Put simply, sustainable mobility does not belong only to the richest cars, or only to the cheapest cars. Every type of car can in fact be the subject of this revolution, which will lead to a cancellation of emissions thanks to the production of 100% electric cars.

Jeep, in fact, wants to aim for the electrification of the entire range, precisely to support its vocation to overcome limits, and be at ease on any terrain.

Come to think of it, 4xe is becoming a Brand within the Jeep Brand itself. This "microbrand" is synonymous with efficiency and safety, as well as maximum comfort and driving fun.

The plugin versions allow you to drive in total silence and using only electric propulsion. It is therefore possible to tackle the most inaccessible routes, in the middle of nature, using only electric traction.

In this way, respect for nature is total, and no polluting emissions are created in protected areas for example. Customer satisfaction increases within the Jeep world, precisely because there is a renewed and declined desire, on the part of the customer, to condense attention to the environment also in the automotive world.

The qualitative indicators of customer satisfaction are very precise, and allow companies to constantly monitor how much they are in line with market demands.

Furthermore, an interesting analysis also comes from a note from the same Automotive company, namely the centrality of online sales.

As stated by the Automotive company, over 500 customers have chosen to buy their Jeep SUV on the Italian digital platform, in the month of July alone. This data is very important and crucial, regarding the centrality of online sales. The automotive world is therefore definitely changing, both on the propulsion side, but also on the side of impact and customer management.

Let's not forget that Jeep is a US brand and in the United States of America the possibility of buying cars online is much more efficient than in our beautiful country.

Therefore, the fact that Italy has obtained such high conversion rates highlights how the interest of the Italian population is also very concentrated in the digital automotive reality.

We will see, therefore, the next data and the next information that will be released by Jeep, about the market share of hybrid cars and the choice to buy a car directly online.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press