In this article, we will see how the Automotive sector is evolving in relation to marketing.

Even cars and the automotive industry have always been at the center of marketing policies. Producing a car absolutely does not mean selling it in a simple and immediate way.

By now the competition is very high, and this inexorably pushes to implement and develop well-defined marketing campaigns and strategies. Each Automotive house tries to create the best campaign for its products, in line with its visibility and its way of being.

However, we must say that the Automotive sector is going through a very important phase of change. Consumer trends are changing the entire automotive package. If we think that a few months ago, reality was focused on diesel, while now we talk almost exclusively of hybrids and electric, here is a quick example that photographs the situation.

We also have a very important transformation, namely the digital revolution. Digital is radically changing the way of designing, but also of selling cars. That's why digital marketing is crucial for cars, but not just for car manufacturers.

The new habits of consumers have changed significantly and are much more pushed towards buying, even the car simply online. Currently, the dealerships must move towards a progressive digitalization, and a phase of bargaining also online

The dealer must transform himself from the so-called traditional dealer to a digital dealer. The development center of this change is a very fundamental figure, namely the Digital manager. They are therefore marketing experts, declined to social aspects and contents.

The digital strategy development center must take care of the digital presence of the # dealership. For example, let's start with a simple campaign management, up to the presence on social networks and the optimization of the site for search engines. This figure is certainly not negligible and allows to convert all the interest of the local automotive reality into well-defined contracts. Being a dealership a geo-localized place, and a reference for a specific geographical area, it must have an excellent reputation and be really well geo-localized.

But be careful to think that the Automotive Digital world is located only in a certain area. Until recently, the dealership mainly sold cars in the area of a few tens of kilometers. Depending on the size of the province and other dealers in the area. hardly a customer came from hundreds of kilometers. Currently, however, we are talking about a digital presence throughout Italy.

It is absolutely normal for a customer to go and buy a car from Rome to Milan. Also due to the microchip crisis and the expansion of waiting times, a customer could very well decide to immediately buy a car at 300 or 400 km, rather than wait six months.

A local reality, therefore, which must position itself in a short perspective context, in wider territories. The dealerships must therefore be present in the main search engines ... and not only!

Reputation is really a priority for dealerships. If the latter wants to make the leap in quality, and be visible and available with excellent references, it must take care of the reviews. If a person from Milan goes to buy a car in Rome or vice versa, the latter must be sure of the professional quality of the dealership.

Reviews are a very clear thermometer that allow the professional reality to be of excellent goodness. For example, if a local dealer can be known for a ten-year presence in the area, in the case of a reality at national level, this aspect may be missing.

Here is therefore how the reputation through reviews is fundamental, but also a large photographic kit. By now people are more and more focused on finding information online, and the photo of a beautiful car inserted in a beautiful salon is certainly more reassuring than a few photos taken in a not excellent way.

The customer experience is therefore an integral and fundamental part of a digital marketing strategy. Thanks to an orderly and organized collection of all customer information, the dealer can define an almost personalized re-contact strategy for each individual case.

In this way, no time is wasted and no money is wasted on optimizing the customer management process. We are not just talking about buying a car, but also about after-sales management. Not all customers buy the car in a very short time, and therefore we talk about the redevelopment of the contact.

The customer experience throughout the purchase process must be facilitated as much as possible and made fluid within the store and within the website or social networks. For this reason, we try to make the customer's way of obtaining information as fluid as possible.

A simple and truly timely advice is to consider YouDriver as an innovative digital platform. The original idea of YouDriver is to create a meeting place between Automotive professionals and customers. The latter must find the best possible answer on the market, while the former must be able to express themselves better to their customers. In the jungle of the Automotive world, YouDriver is a safe meeting place between dealerships, but also professionals (such as workshops and so on), and motorists.

Thanks also to the creation of a practical and innovative app, it is possible to find a dealer or an Automotive professional, even if you are on the move.

The creation of the app was strongly desired, precisely to intercept a public increasingly inclined to use smartphones, and to be increasingly connected in every single corner of the world.

For example, if a person gets into trouble with their car, they may very well be looking for a local mechanic or even a dealership if they need maintenance information.

Here is how YouDriver has been a consolidated reality for some time now, with hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurial realities active, not only in Italy but throughout Europe.

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