The presentation took place a few days ago, but immediately the web went crazy for this new beautiful car.

When we talk about Maserati, we always talk about 100% Made in Italy style, with excellent quality. Dreaming aboard a Maserati is really simple, and the new Granturismo makes this beautiful dream as real as possible.

It is a Coupé that maintains the proportions and elegance of the previous model intact. Under the hood, however, everything changes with an all-wheel drive, but also an electric engine.

15 years have passed since the launch of the Granturismo, and two years since the last retirement. So here's why the market is so fervent and attentive about this new presentation.

75 years ago the first Granturismo of the Modenese house was born, and now the lines are very fluid and sinuous. The previous version by Pininfarina has been softened and made gentle with a new stylistic language.

The leap in quality, however, is under the bodywork, as it is a real 100% electric Maserati. Waiting for the electric Ferrari and the electric Lamborghini, here is an all-electric premium car made in Italy.

The length is just under 5 meters, while the width is 196 cm excluding the mirrors. Just 135 cm tall, the overall silhouette almost resembles the Ferrari Scaglietti. A very pronounced front nose, with a front mouth in perfect Maserati style.

The body, however, is more muscular than the previous version, and the headlights are well positioned on the outside of the grille, almost in a position above the wheels.

The waistline is slightly oblique, and seamlessly breaks up the wide curves of the hips. The tail is more sloping, and defines a very fluid and compact rear end.

Enthusiasts will have immediately noticed how the headlights have a design and a luminous signature in the “MC20” style. Climbing aboard this car, you notice how the construction and attention to detail have taken an important step forward compared to the past.

Clearly Maserati has always been synonymous with quality and manufacturing excellence, but now that little extra step has been definitely added. Let's start for example with the gear lever, which has now been eliminated to have more space for small objects in the central tunnel. The physical keys are practically all gone, for the benefit of the digital ones and the multimedia system.

The large display is positioned in the center of the dashboard and manages to give a tone of completeness, very unique in its kind. The instrument panel is obviously completely digital, and the graphics change according to the driving mode selected.

For the petrol versions, we have the Comfort setting, or Gran Turismo, but also Sport and Corsa. Fans of technical data will love to know that the body is even made up of 65% aluminum. It is also lighter, also thanks to the use of high-strength steels.

The car, all in all, has a low weight also compared to the power of the engine. There is talk of about 1795 kg, in petrol engines, with a slimming cure of almost 90 kg compared to the previous model.

In terms of engines, we no longer have the Ferrari-derived V8, but now there is a 3000 V6 with dual Turbo. The traction scheme is integral and closely resembles that of the MC20.

The weight distribution is slightly in favor of the front, in 52% of the total compared to 48 at the rear. The front differential allowed the designers to place the engine lower, making the car's center of gravity closer to the ground. It is clearly the road holding that benefits from this.

As for the petrol versions, we have a limited reading of the first series, in addition to the classic Modena and Trofeo versions. The first is characterized by a sober elegance and from 390 horsepower for less than 4 seconds to reach 100 km per hour. We then move on to 550 horsepower, for the sportier versions within the petrol world.

Here, however, is the leap in quality, in the field of sustainable mobility. Maserati GranTurismo is a true Premium car, capable of being fitted with a fully electric engine. We are talking about the Folgore version, or 1200 horsepower. Three current motors, one of which at the front and two at the rear, allow for a truly impressive boost. Operation is managed by special silicon carbide inverters, which is a technology derived from Formula E racing cars.

The two rear drive units allow the delivery of a truly impressive torque on the single wheel. Each engine can download as much as 400 horsepower to the ground. If we think that the 400 horses on a single quota are almost equal to the value of the horses possessed by all the wheels of the petrol version, we must say that this electric is really impressive.

Clearly, sustainable mobility contrasts with the silence of electric motors. This is why Maserati has put its hand to sound engineering and the rumble of the old V8s has been recreated. A car therefore that did not want to miss the appointment to make this presentation amazing.

The Maserati GranTurismo is therefore an excellent car from every point of view.

Currently no information has been released regarding prices, and regarding the date of marketing. This information will most likely arrive in a few days, or a few weeks. Despite everything, the Automotive Maserati company has managed to create a product of excellent quality, characterized by a remarkable dose of charm.

Seeing this car go through the streets even silently would have been something very exciting. An environmentally friendly driving pleasure, without forgetting clearly the unmistakable sound of a Maserati V8.


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credit photo MASERATI media press