The car manufacturer presents the Concept that could become an absolute reality tomorrow for all fans of the most extreme off road.

We all know that the G class is the ideal version for real off-roading aboard a Mercedes. We all also know how the world of sustainable mobility is at least important, but that so far does not see a strong characterization from all those cars that are ideal for off-roading.

Mercedes wanted to present a concept very close to the production, fully electric, of its iconic G-class.

Mercedes wanted to confirm all the iconic aspects of the G-class, even in the fully electric version.

The Concept, which was presented in world preview at the Munich show, will in fact see an important continuation in the real world. It all started with a careful study of the standard-built Mercedes Gs. By the end of the decade this Concept should absolutely become a real car and can be purchased easily in any Mercedes dealer.

We still need to work on some aspects with regard to autonomy, as a car like the G-class has an important expenditure of electricity.

The G-Class is a car that laid its foundations as early as 1979 and therefore has always characterized a desire for total freedom.

Taking the foundations of the G-class, a whole series of aspects have been completely revised while not forgetting the iconic elements.

There are strips that allow you to bring out the robust external protective bands. The Concept is characterized by a two-tone color, i.e. glossy black in the upper part and glossy aluminum in the lower part. The front grille is clearly not dedicated to the intake of air inside the engine and therefore has a black color.

Thanks to the 3D effect star lighting, we will have a front truly characterized by a sporty line.

For lovers of details, the Concept has installed 22-inch aluminum alloy wheels with an exclusive design . No information has yet been released regarding the type of battery that will be mounted on this model. However, the lack of information is to be found in the fact that the big news regarding the type of batteries will be made public in the coming years.

In fact, we expect an evolution of solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

Secondly, let's not forget that a car featuring electric traction will be completely designed differently than a car with thermal traction. The center of gravity of the car will in fact be lower as the batteries are normally positioned below the car floor.

In this way the car will be more stable and thanks to the electric drive the initial starting point will certainly be important and certainly preponderant.

In fact, we all know how the electric versions have a strong rocket start and this derives from an immediate pair of electric cars entering full capacity.

credit photo MERCEDES media press