After seeing Citroen Ami, here is the German version of the micromobility suitable for everyone with affordable prices and a really interesting convenience in management.

The time has come to get to know the new Opel Rocks-e , the symbol par excellence of the future of sustainable urban mobility.

We are talking about the first electric quadricycle of the German house which is currently available for order in Germany. The price is € 7990, but the management of such a vehicle is really cheap.

Such a 100% battery-powered vehicle in Germany can already be driven from the age of 15 with a driving license.

Its length of 2 meters and 41 cm allows it to be very well integrated into traffic. The range of 75 km according to the WLTP homologation cycle is the same as that of Citroen Ami, and in fact it has the same top speed of 45 km per hour.

Thanks also to the turning diameter of just 7 meters and 20 cm, this vehicle is perfect for use in cities. Thanks to a 5.5 KW battery, it can be fully charged in just 3 and a half hours from any domestic socket in the garage.

In this way it is possible to recharge the car at night and use this vehicle for 75 km during the day.

Obviously Opel has also thought of versions more declined for young people and in fact there are some versions with external and internal stylistic peculiarities. The smartphone, however, is the true ally of all those who drive this vehicle as it allows you to provide excellent infotainment and also to make phone calls thanks to Bluetooth.

This car will certainly not invade the German market but it is still an excellent vehicle that could be driven by all young Germans who want an independent vehicle and that can repair them from the cold compared to classic mopeds.

If we try to think locally, a 16-year-old boy hardly travels more than 75 km per hour in a German city. Buying a vehicle that can satisfy all the relocation needs and independence of a 16-year-old boy in Germany is a very interesting aspect.

It is not yet known whether this vehicle will be sold with leasing formulas such as happened for the Italian positioning of Citroen Ami.

In the case of the French cousin, through an advance of a few thousand euros and a subscription of € 20 per month, it is possible to drive in the middle for a few months and therefore have a very relieved wallet in this respect.

The issue of sustainable mobility thanks to these electric quadricycles could be a turning point that could be cleared in favor of the health of our planet.

In fact, they allow you to sneak quickly and guarantee all the necessary daily autonomy. They are certainly not suitable for a large family but can also be used by an adult teenager who simply needs to move around a city in electric mode but does not have more financial resources than the few hundred diary that are necessary to buy this vehicle.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press