The new version of the GLE range arrives, with all the hybrid engines and powers up to 612 horsepower.

We have seen it on our roads since 2019, i.e. five years of excellent presence. The current generation of the GLE SUV has received some interesting stylistic and technical innovations.

In the midst of sustainable mobility and ecological transition, Mercedes has decided to make the entire engine range completely electrified. This means that both petrol and diesel benefit from hybrid support.

No external changes have been made, massively, but refinements and updates have been made.

The front grille is now larger and more vertical, while the headlights have undergone a restyling in terms of lines.

Consequently, the bumper is also modified, precisely to adapt to the new shapes of the lights and the grille.

The rear apron as well as the taillights have been revised. In detail, the headlights now represent a very marked and minimal line at the rear of the car.

Technology lovers will be happy to know that the LED signature of the taillights varies according to the declination of the bodywork. In fact, we are talking about a car that can be purchased both in the traditional SUV form, but also in the new Coupé version.

Over the last few years, SUV Coupés have aroused more and more interest and really a lot of attention throughout the old continent, and beyond.

Also externally, the new colors Sodalite Blue metallic and Manufaktur Alpine Gray solid can be seen, which are added to those already present. The alloy wheels now have the option of being chosen between the dimensions 19, but also 20 or 21 inches.

Aesthetically therefore, under an external aesthetic aspect, those who were interested in this SUV can buy a new color and make their car unique, standing out from the crowd.

The metallic blue is very interesting, but also this solid gray that can be recognized immediately.

Climbing aboard the car, we immediately understand that we are aboard a Mercedes. The suggestion comes from the big screen, which we find once we get on board, made up of two paired 12-inch displays.

The entire multimedia system has been updated, and the new multifunction steering wheel is also making its debut. On it we can find soft touch controls and chrome finishes.

The air vents also benefit from new chrome finishes, which give an even more precious touch.

On the engine side, as we said previously, the entire range has been electrified. Going down to the technical, all the Mercedes GLE and GLE coupe can be declined in the Mild Hybrid or plugin version.

In technical terms, we start with a 3000 cubic cm petrol engine with 381 horsepower and 500 Newton meters of torque. Diesel lovers will be able to console themselves with an excellent 269 horsepower 2-liter engine and 550 Newtonmeters of torque, but also a 3000 cm³ and 367 horsepower 6-cylinder engine whose torque is 750 Newtonmeters.

Two plug-in hybrids with external rechargeable, one petrol and one diesel respectively. The former manages to have 382 horsepower and 600 NM of torque, while the diesel manages to have 333 horsepower and 750 Newton meters of torque.

Of course, there are also the extreme versions, namely the AMGs. These are truly very sporty versions, from 3000 cm³ 6-cylinder petrol and 435 HP with 560 Nm, up to the top of the range with a 612 HP 4-litre petrol V8.

The driving assistance systems increase significantly: for example, we have the parking package, with a 360-degree camera that supports the driver both when entering and exiting parking spaces.

Interesting is the function that shows a virtual view under the front of the vehicle, thus allowing maneuvers on the steepest terrain.

For off-road driving enthusiasts, there is a specially created package that includes the best protections, but also pneumatic suspensions (allowing you to have even 3 cm more ground clearance).

No pricing information has been released, but we are absolutely certain that this car will be placed in the price ranges it already deserves. A truly complete car, therefore, which has been revisited from an aesthetic point of view without however wanting to distort its soul.

These interesting innovations, as we have seen, concern both the engine part but also the innovations in terms of driving packages. Those who buy these cars want a car that is always at the top, and Mercedes has always been able to set the bar one step further.

A continuous Research and Development process, which Mercedes has been carrying out for over one hundred years, and which allows every single Mercedes car to be perceived by people as a synonym of quality and driving comfort.

Whoever buys a Mercedes, in fact, does not intend to look for an extreme car in sporting terms.

In fact, Mercedes stands out for its charm, as well as for care and scrupulousness in the construction phase. Each Mercedes car is made with the utmost care and even the internal shapes are extremely rational and well-defined.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press