The French brand is already presenting the version that will arrive next year and is destined for India and South America.

Every Automotive house develops and designs cars for certain geographical areas.

In China, for example, cars are longer: Chinese customers prefer larger cars. It is therefore no coincidence that BMW makes cars of two types of different lengths. For Europe it produces more compact cars, while for the Chinese market it adds a few centimeters in length.

News from a few hours ago, it is finally the debut of the new C3 Aircross 2024, which has just been presented worldwide, on the occasion of events held in India and Brazil.

However, it will arrive on the market at the end of 2023, probably early 2024.

This is a pioneering version, as it goes to intercept those who need a car that can accommodate up to seven people. The spearhead is also the possibility of having a more capacious trunk, compared to other competing cars.

The Citroën designers have set themselves the goal of analyzing what users ask for, namely technology, but also space and robustness.

Not least is the versatility, a priority aspect for Citroën, clearly applied inside this car.

This car will be marketed above all in India and South America, as they are truly explosive and progressively expanding markets.

The new C3 Aircross encompasses a series of smart solutions and "comfortable efficiency".

It is no coincidence that in 2022 registrations in India and in the Asian part increased by 56% for Citroën, while in South America by 21%. In India, 6,500 registrations were registered in 2022, while in Brazil, 32,000.

Clearly we are talking about very low numbers, if compared to the immense population of the two countries. However, India is a very difficult market to populate and enrich with new automotive proposals. Anyone who has traveled to India for pleasure or work knows very well how this country is the fusion of thousands and thousands of different needs.

However, this cannot discourage the Citroën engineers, who have decided to strengthen the Brand's presence with an even more versatile car. The model was announced in 2019 for emerging markets, and was already marketed at the beginning of 2022. What is about to arrive, therefore, is an evolution of an already existing car.

With a 5-seater configuration, which can also be expanded to 7, the new Citroen C3 aims to be the right product at the right time. However, a fairly compact car considering the 432 cm in length.

In India, the market for cars over 4 meters in length increased by 32% in the last year, with excellent prospects for future years. The vehicles in segment B are also in continuous expansion, as they combine compactness and comfort on board.

The limited purchase budget will then make it possible to enter the market where the range of people with limited spending power is quite important.

In consideration of the fact that 40% of the global market is represented by SUVs, the new C3 Aircross also perfectly combines this aspect.

As far as South America is concerned, excellent goals have been achieved in recent years and even more ambition has been set in the 2024 target.

Citroën is already present with 16 vehicles in Brazil and 17 in Argentina: the new C3 Aircross now allows the option of seven seats. A desire therefore to consolidate the presence of Citroen in South America, where robustness and versatility are two parameters strongly requested by people in the research phase.

If we want to analyze this car in detail, it is a car with a ground clearance of 20cm, leading the class for muscular wheel arches and large wheels and tyres.

Looking at it from the outside, you immediately notice the wide rear pillar which adds verticality and strength to the bodywork. The sensation of height and light inside the vehicle is guaranteed by the third rear windows which allow greater airiness and external visibility.

There is no shortage of numerous thematic and equipment packages, as well as accessories of various types. In this way, every single customer from every region of the world can customize the car to their liking and according to their needs.

Citroën's iconic two-tone roof offering, allows for an eye-catching contrast effect and truly draws attention to the car.

The trunk that reaches up to 482 liters, manages to be an excellent ally in a 5-seater car. In terms of infotainment, there is a 7-inch display to control speed and key aspects while driving, as well as the 10-inch touchpad in the center of the dashboard (one of the largest in the category).

The prices have not yet been revealed, but clearly these also depend on the sales region. Indeed, we cannot compare the selling price of a car in Europe with that of a car in South America or Asia.

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credit photo Citroen media press