The company linked to the Stellantis group presented the new concept of car sharing, now simpler, smart and innovative.

With the pandemic underway and with the revolution, even in the way of driving and conceiving the car, a revolution is also coming within Leasys. We are talking about the company connected to the world Stellantis dedicated to long-term rental and also to Car Sharing.

The image chosen for the presentation of this new concept of car sharing highlights 3 cars of the Stellantis group alongside a large swirl of colors on blue.

This new version has been revolutionized in order to allow greater sharing of vehicles and facilitate their use.

Now the service is equipped with very advanced technology as well as a practical and useful app to manage. Those who, on the other hand, are at the desks and manage company fleets have a new site available that allows them to easily manage the entire fleet in sharing.

Thanks to this new technological innovation, vehicles can be monitored very carefully and therefore the company has everything perfectly under control at any time.

Employee mobility has become a crucial aspect in current car sharing and flat managers can perfectly manage everything through a renewed website. Leasys has tried to make the concept as simple as possible in order to simply make the best of technology available at the best technological conditions on the market.

It is therefore an incentive to use the company car which must be made simple for everyone. Thanks to a new app it is therefore possible to manage cars and get hold of cars without particular administrative management.

There is no longer any need to wait for the arrival of the car with long delivery and return times of the vehicles. In fact, those who have to drive the cars can manage their journeys completely independently by booking the car and unlocking the doors simply by using the application.

It will therefore no longer be necessary to physically collect the keys. In this way productivity is increased and prices are reduced in relation to even the best quality. On the other hand, the company managers who manage the car fleet can share the drivers' utilities and set the availabilities and deposits for the collection and of course for the return of vehicles.

In this way, any car booking register within the company is eliminated as it is all conveyed within the app.

In the event of theft or accident, everything is always managed through the app and website. Within the portal there is also a dashboard that allows you to observe the state of health of the vehicles in order to observe and monitor efficiency.

This new revolution of sustainable mobility has also affected this aspect. In fact, there are electric vehicles but also hybrid vehicles that are perfect for use within cities and to contain the cost of fuel if the company is equipped with a fast charging column in particular.

The new concept of corporate car sharing, therefore revolutionized by Leasys, makes it possible to face a 2022 in an even smarter way and according to a new and ever-current concept of sustainable mobility and car sharing. In this way, the technology allows to lighten the workload which on this aspect was totally useless and counterproductive in relation to the general productivity of a car and a company.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press