What until a few years ago might have seemed superfluous is now truly fundamental: the privacy of workshop customers.

Simply rewind the tape of about ten years and you understand how the automotive world has changed significantly. Until a few years ago, the name and surname of the people who entered the workshop were sometimes superfluous.

Many times the interventions were written on a sheet of paper, and an invoice was issued without waiting and checking a whole series of regulations. With the latest news in terms of privacy, the market and the automotive world have now changed significantly, also with regards to workshops.

This was also discussed at Futuremotive 2023, the event that was held in Bologna a few days ago, and which brought together all the top experts in the business to business automotive world.

A real spin-off event from Autopromotec which has met with enormous success among professionals.

With the new regulations on privacy, all workshops must comply with a strict protocol to verify and record all the data of the person delivering the car and the ownership of the car.

It seems like a trivial thing, but in reality it is absolutely not, as if there are any problems inherent to the intervention, the legitimate owner could sue the workshop. Clearly the owners of the latter cannot enter into conflict with the customer, but they must still protect themselves.

For this reason it is really essential to record the data of whoever delivers the car when he goes to the workshop. This is a system that has now come into common use among many workshops, but which some still do not apply.

Within the automotive world there are various applications and management systems that allow you to manage workshops, but very few are able to also manage this thorny aspect. We all know how the world of workshops is complicated and there is always little time to stay up to date.

Also in consideration of the latest innovations introduced by the Bologna event a few days ago, it is worth remembering that the YouDriver application is one of the most complete and high-performance on the market.

Within the application, it is in fact possible to manage the entire privacy issue easily and with just a few clicks. As soon as a person arrives at the workshop to deliver the car, the delivery receipt is registered and signed under the list of data of the person delivering the car... and all the data of the legitimate owner are also recorded, in order to have a total transparency in this area.

As soon as all the signatures relating to privacy protection and non-communication of the newly recorded data to third parties have been made explicit, a message confirming delivery is sent immediately and is also linked to the notification via the application.

YouDriver is a truly exceptional application that allows the individual owner to keep track of all the work, from the moment he delivers the car to the final delivery.

The old text messages are still widely used and for those who do not have the application it is possible to receive the classic text message for tracking the entire process. There is no longer any excuse, therefore, for those who do not like downloading applications, but still want to stay updated on the progress of interventions on their car.

YouDriver is something truly revolutionary, which has arrived in the automotive world and is establishing itself very quickly. YouDriver is in fact a revolutionary application that has allowed hundreds of workshops to optimize the management process and protect themselves from any related problems.

The regulations relating to privacy are very stringent and provide for severe sanctions in the event that they are not respected. For this reason, we invite all those who own a workshop and have not yet downloaded the YouDriver application to register on the site and download the application.

This application was studied after years of analysis and close comparison with workshops. The objective is in fact to allow a fluid 360-degree management of the entire customer management process.

For this reason, the YouDriver application is truly one, if not the most performing and complete within the automotive market in Italy. So all you have to do is download it so you can try it immediately in your workshop.


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