The event held last week in Bologna was a resounding success. Among the topics covered also the organization and management of the customer: a fundamental aspect for all workshops.

It closed about a week ago, but the aftermath of this truly successful event will be felt for many weeks and months. In fact, great interest was obtained from this format linked to the exchange of information and knowledge between operators in the sector.

Various topics were touched upon and over 8000 visitors visited the stands at the Bologna Fair. One of the main aspects for which this event can be defined as "successful" is certainly the scope of the workshops and their organizations.

Within Futuremotive it was underlined how the latter need a high level of organization, precisely to keep up with technology and customer satisfaction.

With the increase in registrations compared to 20 or 30 years ago, workshops certainly need clear and planned management of their workflow. It is no longer possible to use a paper diary, or even remember everything in mind.

Technology gives us a hand, and therefore it is unthinkable not to have a detailed management plan shared with the other mechanics. In fact, workshop owners must make their employees understand how essential it is to manage everything in a computerized and fluid way.

Many proposals were presented at Futuremotive, but we certainly want to remember one of the main applications that allow mechanics and workshop owners to manage everything efficiently and clearly.

We are talking about the YouDriver application. Our application is one of the most performing and complete currently on the market, as it completely manages the customer flow from entry to the final process.

Particular attention in the application design phase was the first phase, i.e. the agenda.

It may seem like something trivial, but having a complete plan of everything that will happen in the next few hours and days is essential. We would all like to have a key to understanding what might happen tomorrow, but very often it is not possible to have one. We cannot know what the interventions will be that a motorist may ask us for when entering our workshop one day.

However, what we can know instead is our intervention planning. This way we can be ready as soon as the phone rings and we are asked to be available for an intervention, for tomorrow morning at 11:00, for example.

YouDriver allows you to have a complete vision of everything that will happen in the workshop thanks to an estimate of the duration of the interventions, and also a complete analysis of the time spent in the last interventions by the workers on certain aspects.

As we have seen in other articles, the YouDriver application allows you to track all the mechanics' work in a simple and complete way. In this way we can know how much time the worker spends changing the oil or replacing an engine belt.

The YouDriver app also allows confirmation via notification with the app, or by sending an SMS to the customer. In this way, the customer is perfectly comfortable managing notifications and appointments through their calendar.

This aspect is not present in many applications and management systems that workshops currently use on the market. However, this is a truly fundamental feature that allows the workshop to always run smoothly and never be swamped with incoming customers.

Losing a customer because we wasted time organizing incoming flows is certainly a very negative aspect. A single customer who leaves our workshop can bring negative reviews to their friends, who in turn will not come to our workshop.

For this reason, it is really essential to check our agenda and have it as planned as possible in the next few days. Within Futuremotive, meeting sessions were also held regarding the organization of the workshops. The diversity of the proposals is truly remarkable, but the YouDriver application manages to surpass any other competitor in terms of productivity and ease of use.

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