The family of sports versions in Toyota is expanding. After the Corolla GR Sport, now is the time to debut the sporty version of the C-HR Coupé SUV.

For lovers of sportiness, not extreme but still accentuated and clearly visible when traveling the everyday streets, here is a new car that is really interesting to analyze. We are talking about the Toyota CHR GR Sport. For all lovers of Toyota products, it will therefore be a pleasant awakening to notice how the SUV Coupé C-HR has also benefited from the sporting variation of the Japanese brand. GR Sport is synonymous with sportiness for the Toyota brand, and declined in a car that is already sporty enough, it is truly a beautiful sight for the eyes.

We are also talking about a leading SUV in terms of sales for sustainable mobility. The C-HR is in fact the best-selling hybrid SUV on the market with over 60,000 cars sold in Italy since 2006, the year in which sales began.

Observing it eternally, one immediately observes how the car in question is different from a normal C-HR: this is particularly noticeable thanks to the brand logo on the black background. The headlight housings have been slightly modified and have a black finish, as are the central part of the bumper and the bezels of the fog lights. The chrome grille is defined with a dark tint and the front spoiler is now more aggressive as well. Moving to the side we notice how the black finishes are accompanied by an exclusive design of the alloy wheels. In this setting, Toyota wanted to place a size of 19 inches, in order to make the car even sportier.

Coming to the rear, we notice how the brand logo has a black background, the lights are supported by a black finish and the bumper has also been slightly modified.

The interior also conveys a feeling of sportiness. The main finish has a silver / red color, intended in different ways. In fact, we have alcantara, leather and a whole series of fabrics that define the GR inspiration, recalling the logo. In fact, using the contrast between light gray and red, fans of the GR section of the Toyota brand will be perfectly happy with this variation.

In terms of equipment, of course, tinted windows, full LED headlights, navigator, heated and electrically operated front seats, as well as an exceptional JBL branded audio system cannot be missing.

Much attention has been put into the suspension and steering adjustment system. To achieve even more sportiness, the latter have been designed in a precise and almost maniacal way. In this way the dynamic behavior of the car is at high levels of comfort and is never dissatisfied.

The tires that are installed on this paint are Continental Premium Contact with size 225/45. In this way the front axle grip levels and cornering stiffness allow less understeer when subjected to high G forces.

Furthermore, the technology of the tires, which is constantly expanding, also makes it possible to decline the latter with a weight lower than the traditional 18 inches and also guarantees the same rolling resistance and similar CO2 emissions of the vehicle.

All this is offered at an entry price of € 31,600 in case of scrapping and thanks to the current eco-incentives in force. There is also a slightly more powerful version, with a 2-liter engine, the cost of which is slightly higher and equal to € 32600.

For all those who also do not want to purchase the car, it is also possible to make various financial offers such as Pay for Drive Connect with installments of € 346 per month for the smaller version. There is also a rental formula that provides for a monthly fee of € 349 excluding VAT with 48 months and a distance of 70000 km.

credit photo Toyota media press