Lancia presents the new Model Year 2021 version of its sales leading compact city car. A completely revised design embellished with chic details.

The Italian style is famous all over the world for being identified and recognized with a simple glance. Lancia wanted to propose the new Model Year 2021 version of its small compact city car. Ypsilon has always been synonymous with style, with enormous success especially in the female field.

With a new sophisticated color, perfect for the launch phase, an elegant, intense but delicate blue , the Lancia Ypsilon is preparing to present itself with a new aesthetic look.

As soon as you look at it externally you immediately notice some small changes that embellish the style. First of all, the grille has been modified with a new front and new DRL led headlights . The design of the headlights has also been revised, slightly modified on the inside to give a more modern, contemporary and future-oriented look. The grille has also been revised with the inclusion of thin silver profiles that characterize its elegance. Observing the new Lancia Ypsilon Model Year 2021 is in fact observing a car perfectly in style with being Made in Italy.

The interior has also been revised with a general increase in the rate of technology and sustainability on board.

The New Ypsilon offers a new infotainment system with 7-inch touchscreen radio and the availability of Apple carplay and Android auto.

In terms of sustainability, Lancia continues the electrification process of its lineup. We saw how the hybrid version with a three-cylinder Firefly engine with a displacement and 70 horsepower was presented last spring, which was combined with a 12-volt electric motor capable of reducing consumption by up to 13% . Lower consumption also means better road performance, but also the benefit of all the economic regulations for the purchase of a hybrid car.

Lancia is also very attentive to the whole issue of the environment, not only linked to the issue of fine dust. In fact, pollen is also an important aspect that Lancia wanted to analyze and take seriously into consideration. In fact, a new eco chic kit has been added to the entire new range of the Lancia Ypsilon 2021, consisting of a very special cabin air filter.

Currently 30% of the world's population suffers from pollen allergy , a value that has doubled in the last 10 years. For this reason, this particular kit has been included, equipped with activated carbon filters, which allows you to reduce allergens by over 99%, as well as reduce mold and bacteria by over 98%.

Lancia obviously offers all this complete package, both for a dry purchase solution, but also for a leasing solution .

It is in fact possible to buy the new Lancia Ypsilon for 169 euros including VAT with the 48-month pay per use formula. In addition to the 1000 km included, it will be enough to pay € 0.18 for each single kilometer actually traveled.

Obviously, this is not the only way to buy the car in installments. It is in fact possible to buy it at € 269 including VAT for 48 months with 70000 km included with the Leasys Be Free formula.

In short, many opportunities to drive this new Lancia Ypsilon that is truly unique and exceptional in every single aspect.

credit photo Stellantis media press