Here is the new all-electric car from the German carmaker. A perfect SUV for the family available in 5 or 7 seats. Coming by the end of the year.

Mercedes had stated that 2021 was the year of the electric revolution. After presenting the small compact SUV, now the German carmaker has decided to present the new midsize SUV. It is perfect to accommodate 5 people or even 7 travelers. The comfort is obviously not discussed and neither the class and the interior finishes.

An exclusive location was chosen for the presentation, such as the Shanghai 2021 motor show. To create it, the already well-known Mercedes GLB was taken and adapted in various aspects. It was designed both for the Chinese market and for the European market, but also for the US market. If the debut in Europe and China is a matter of months, it will arrive in the US market next year.

The car measures approximately 468 cm in length and 183 cm in width. The wheelbase is 282cm and the third row is only usable by people with a height of less than 165cm. The car is also perfectly suited to carry luggage for every single situation. Even in the case of 7 exploited seats, the dimensions of the trunk are still good. The latter goes from 495 liters up to 1620.

Looking at the stylistic aspect, this new Mercedes is the big sister of the smaller and more compact electric SUV EQA, presented a few weeks ago. This can be seen immediately from the front grille which has no ventilation holes and which intercepts both headlights. Observing it from the rear three quarters, we observe the rear lights which are joined by the horizontal central LED.

Climbing aboard the car, a close resemblance to the thermal versions of Mercedes is noted. In fact, we note the two large screens positioned at the dashboard and central dashboard level. Obviously, the MBUX multimedia system is not missing, and the complex but simple to use voice assistant.

The car will be available with both all-wheel and front-wheel drive. This car will be driven by a 66 kWh battery for a declared range of 419 km. There will also be the ultra-sporty AMG version with 292 horsepower.

In terms of charging time, it is possible to use direct current up to a power of 100 kW. Thanks to this structure, it will take just 30 minutes to go from 10% up to 80%. In the event that it is not possible to recharge using a direct current structure, it will be possible to recharge thanks to alternating current up to 11 kW.

Mercedes is focusing heavily on the sustainable mobility sector. The goal for 2021 is to have 13% of its cars sold, linked to the concept of plug-in hybrid and pure electric. Furthermore, let's not forget all the peculiarities of the Mild-Hybrid, which are still available for the vast majority of the Mercedes line up anyway.

An appointment therefore in the coming weeks to be able to see this little big epochal change of the German car manufacturer directly on our roads.

credit photo MERCEDES media press