The home of the German star has updated its SUV with a completely new generation.

The world of SUVs is a consolidated reality and Mercedes has understood this very well. Within the commercial proposal of Mercedes, there are in fact many versions and many styles within this large and maxi segment.

GLC is a very successful car that has gradually taken hold within the Mercedes commercial proposal.

Once there was the GLK, with its very angular shape, which gradually gave way to softer and more congenial lines for the European market. Now Mercedes characterizes its cars with soft and sporty lines, which convey a sense of fullness and pleasure to the eye.

Looking from the front and from all sides to the new Mercedes GLC it is quite difficult and complex to recognize the differences with the previous series. Even the latest C-class has a very similar line to its predecessor, and consequently also the GLC.

However, there are some elements that differentiate, such as the almond shaped headlights which are inspired by those of the sedan. With a view to optimizing resources and facilities, Mercedes uses the same platform, both for the C-Class sedan, but also for the SUV GLC.

In the front grille, there is now only a horizontal bar and in the rear the changes are subtle. The headlight design and light signature have been slightly revised, but it is definitely not something of an impact in the modification.

In terms of dimensions, the car increases by approximately 6 cm in habitability, while the height is 1.64 m. However, we are talking about a car of about 4 meters and 70 centimeters, which is very impressive on the road, and which therefore allows for truly optimal comfort.

The increase in habitability was fundamentally linked to the wheelbase, which increased, as were the front and rear overhangs.

Climbing aboard the car, we instead notice the completely revised interior and the same environment as the flagship S class was used, which in the meantime was also included in the C class.

For technology lovers, it will be very pleasant to see the giant central touchscreen of almost 12 inches, positioned vertically just like a Tesla. Obviously, the now inevitable 12-inch digital cockpit is not missing.

The shapes and colors are interesting, as are the materials, which, however, could not be a pleasure for all Mercedes purists.

News is also coming for the infotainment and the “Hey mercedes” system. With the new update, the system is able to recognize the occupants by their voice. According to the German automotive company, the levels of interaction are very high, but obviously they will have to be checked on the road.

This version of the GLC, will not be available in 7 seats, but only in five seats… as the 7 seats is simply the GLB.

All these innovations are therefore interesting, starting also with the new plug-in hybrid and Mild Hybrid versions, which also allow you to have a range of up to 100 km in fully electric mode, therefore perfect for use mainly in everyday journeys.

Mercedes also makes it known that the SUV is at ease on any road surface, even off-road without being affected in a context of comfort. All of this is also thanks to the new steering rear axle which makes the car even safer and more manageable.

No information has been released regarding prices, as they are still being defined by Mercedes.


credit photo Mercedes media press