Within this article, we will analyze the 6 trends that are developing in an important way within the Automotive sector.

The automotive world is changing more and more rapidly and in an increasingly structural way. Analysts are pointing out that there are definite and important major trends that need to be considered.

The first is the strategic importance of the mobile phone. We are talking about the Smartphone, the device that allows us to call our loved ones, but also to surf online.

About 75% of people surf the sites via their mobile phone, and therefore we cannot fail to consider this device as a place of contact for many people in the automotive world.

Since the mobile phone is such a fundamental aspect, even Automotive houses, dealerships, as well as workshops, must consider a suitable visual experience.

The second big trend is that of mapping the customer journey. Knowing how the person behaves towards advertising and how much they have been involved in the same advertising, is not a small aspect.

The customer's journey, within the Automotive world, lasts about 5-12 weeks. If in an initial phase the consumer searches for the vehicles, in a fairly broad way, later he will make an opinion through opinions and reviews.

After about 4 weeks, he will go to observe a test drive and then definitively choose his car. This is how dealerships, but also workshops and automotive manufacturers, must be active and proactive within a multi-channel strategy.

The role of multi-channel is a careful role on the part of the operators, who must go to anticipate the individual choices of people.

All these aspects, then of course, must be validated in another great trend, namely customer service. If a person deals with a dealership or workshop, and has a positive return in terms of kindness and completeness of information, they will probably buy the car there or bring the car for maintenance.

The faster the problem or demand management process, the more satisfied the customer is and purchases the service.

Furthermore, services must not simply focus solely on the act of the final customer, but can and must also be declined in services for companies and professionals.

We all think of cars as a product that is sold to end customers, but that is not necessarily the case. The characters who have collected a lot in terms of turnover are those who have had particular attention to the Automotive business world.

This can be achieved through a personalization of services and a declination of the automotive reality, according to the needs of individual business people. The last two fundamental aspects that we cannot leave out are the personalization of images (and videos) and the importance of Big data.

Every single person has special needs, and responds differently to a single image.

If we are looking at a specific car, it is not certain that we will interact more or less positively, compared to other categories of people. The latter can be diversified according to age, and also according to the types of relationships that the single person has towards the concessionaire.

The more a person is passionate about cars, the more this person needs to have information about the car. A Fiat 500 enthusiast will probably know all the characteristics of the engine… and then he will need to have that extra tips, compared to other people.

So here's how it is essential to customize the visuals, intended as images and videos. The automotive world, therefore, must go to recur every time the target audience changes.

All this personalization process must be declined only in situations where there are Big data. The big car manufacturers live off Big data, that is, the enormous amount of information related to potential customers. The digital traces that each person leaves are exploited and dissected by analysts, in order to identify the best performing solution, to then be transformed into commercial proposals.

Here is how the discourse of personalized visuals fits perfectly within the sphere of Big data. Clearly, not all of them are Fiat or Volkswagen, but even in our small way, we must go and identify that particular need for that particular category of people.

Even the simple workshop, made up of father, son and a skilled worker, must go to customize its services, according to the age of the people or according to the needs that may exist in that specific geographical area.

Here is how these trends must be assimilated, as quickly as possible, by all those who are within the automotive world, and who are within a complex reality such as a dealership or a workshop.

The automotive world is no longer that of the 60s or 70s, where technological evolution did not lead to an evolution of the customer experience.

Only in recent years, in fact, and precisely since the advent of the internet, has the automotive world changed radically and increasingly delegated to concepts of personalization and attention to detail in the customer experience.

The latter must also be rocked due to the huge amount of characters that are within the Automotive world. In fact, the same car can be purchased from 10 different dealerships in the big cities, and this is an aspect that must make all those who need to sell reflect.

The more a customer is pampered and treated well, the more this customer will come back and speak well of the Automotive reality to their friends.


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