After introducing the fully electric SUVs, now is the time for the first sedan.

The German automotive house has decided to present a new sedan, which by the way is the first 100% electric sedan. After presenting the electric SUVs and the ID.Buzz van, he decided to further expand his commercial proposal by entering the world of sedans.

Technically it is a three-volume, or a car with the trunk separated from the interior. The platform is the same as the other electrics, that is the MEB.

This new car will mainly be presented in the Chinese market, where it will enter the streets in mid-2023, but then it will also be presented in Europe after a short time. The production will be carried out in the German factory, in order to optimize also the Geopolitical dislocation in the world.

The lines of this car are very futuristic and really tapered. Technically it is also a concept car, but the lines are quite close to production.

It will be marketed not only in China and Europe, but also in North America. According to the press and the German automotive company, it should have a range of 620 km on the WLTP cycle.

In terms of length, it is close to 5 meters and thanks to its particularly optimized CX coefficient, equal to 0.23, it manages to maintain good data in terms of autonomy.

Currently the car was only announced with a 77 kWh battery. We are talking about the battery installed in the top models, currently in production by the German company. However, it is not excluded that Volkswagen will create a car that is more contained in terms of autonomy.

It could very well be made a car with a lower electric battery capacity, and therefore a shorter range.

Looking at the car, you immediately understand how this will be the future of the Volkswagen Passat. A real sedan that will take the place of another sedan that has revolutionized the automotive world over the years. Volkswagen Passat was indeed something revolutionary in its definition.

The new car is dynamic and powerful with a strong prerogative of dynamism. Volkswagen is therefore winking at a segment, that of premium midsize sedans.

Its exterior design intends to amaze even more than the interior. Internally no information and photographs have been released and therefore we do not yet know exactly how this Futura Passat will be declined internally.

We certainly imagine it with very minimal characterizations, in perfect 100% electric style.

The reality is that the automotive world still has to investigate a lot inside itself, for the future. Thanks to this undisputed ability to predict the future, it is certainly the platform.

During the design phase of the platform, the German engineers have in fact evaluated various aspects of adaptability between the SUV and a spacious sedan.

This new car is able to fully exploit electric mobility, thus allowing long distances, without giving up connectivity and over-the-air updating.

A sedan of the future and for the future, characterized by a very shiny paint, thanks to some colored pigments that created a golden shimmer effect, in certain light conditions.

The roof of the Concept is glossy black in contrast, and allows to give a further sporty tone to the car.

We therefore await further information regarding this car, to understand what the final interior and exterior details will be.

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Credit photo Volkswagen media Press