The French luxury brand, linked to the Citroen world, has recently introduced interesting innovations for its Maxi SUV.

The debut dates back to 2017 and it was time to actually renew the car. We are talking about the SUV DS7, or the maxi SUV of the French brand connected directly to Citroen.

Both brands are part of the Stellantis maxi group and is therefore synonymous with how quality can also be included within an international maxi group.

Quality, but also originality since the DS Brand stands out from its competitors for an innate class in perfect French style. You don't see much of them around, but they are really very beautiful and characterized by a very recognizable style.

The DS7 maxi SUV, 5 years after its debut, was in need of a restyling. It is not going to completely overturn the vehicle, but it is going to update it in some important details. Technically, the name also changes, as DS7 Crossback simply becomes DS7. We therefore have a greater identity within the world of SUVs and the departure from the world of crossovers, which actually had little to do with this maxi vehicle.

As soon as you look at the vehicle, you immediately notice the differences. The grille is now wider than before, and has new diamond-shaped elements. The thing that is immediately noticed are the new headlights which are now thinner and more tapered.

Vertically there is a luminous stylistic characterization, which are none other than the daytime running lights. We had seen this process within a concept, and now it has finally been put on the market on a production car.

This very particular technology, to define these daytime running lights, is a laser engraving technology, which allows you to remove the paint inside the panel. In this way, you have a strong identity of the front of the car.

Going to look at the rear, you can see also in this case the new optical groups, also laser-worked and now thinner. The rear lights have also been renewed in the band that unites them, with the new name DS Automobiles.

As soon as you enter the car, you can clearly see how we are in front of a Premium car. The refinement inside the vehicle is really evident. New materials and new workmanship are concretely part of this maxi SUV in an even clearer way.

We immediately notice the new tapestries, called “Opera”, which underline the link with the city of Paris. Made of leather with black and gray colors, they now have new hot embossing.

The seats, on the other hand, have seen their structure renewed, now inspired by watch straps. The goal is obviously to give greater comfort to all the people who like to sit inside this maxi SUV.

The dashboard sees a large 12-inch screen, in the top version, which has a continuous 12-inch fully digital cockpit display. Not only a software update, but also a personalization of the visual element within the display at will.

DS technicians and engineers have worked very hard on the technology. New headlights characterized by LED matrix technology, consisting of 84 light beams which allows an average increase of 15% of the flow of light, compared to the previous model.

It is an intelligent system with automatic management, which allows you to manage the luminous flux and adapt it according to various different parameters, such as the steering angle, or the presence of other cars in the opposite direction of travel.

There is also Night Vision, or the technology that allows an infrared camera to observe obstacles such as people or animals. As far as comfort on board is concerned, a system has been created that allows you to observe and find the imperfections of the road, to quickly adapt the behavior of the suspensions, all independent of each other.

In addition to the classic second level driving aids, this car is truly complete in every single aspect.

Under the hood, we notice important innovations that are increasingly electrified, with the combination of the 8-speed automatic transmission only. Obviously, the diesel version with 130 horsepower is not missing, but we also have plug-in hybrid versions, also capable of having a 4x4 drive.

Technically, this car is available from September 2022, with prices that should be similar to those of the previous vehicle, with some small increases related to the period.

An excellent car, therefore, for all those who are looking for an ideal vehicle to be managed as a family and for weekend trips.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press