He doesn't want to end the soap opera tied to Hamilton's contract. According to Toto Wolff, the lawyers are at work. But is it still really a question of sport?

News related to the world of # F1 begins to follow one another. After a physiological and obvious moment of detachment, all the pilots who are inserted inside the cirkus are warming up the psychological and thermal engines for the new year. 2021 opens with a very busy calendar and there will be many activities to observe. There will be no more Vettel in Ferrari and his place has been taken by Carlos Sainz. Sergio Perez has arrived in Redbull, it is still a lot to be decided.

Probably the most interesting aspect is certainly the renewal of # Hamilton. It is certainly not a small thing, given that we are talking about the driver and the car that have won the most in recent years.

According to Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, the lawyers are working hard . There is trust between the parties and they are certain to make a positive closure. All in all, however, the negotiations are lasting quite objectively, also because everyone tries to pull water to their mill.

Although the exceptional performance of George Russell, in the moment of going to replace Hamilton at the helm of the Mercedes, the Star's house is very sure it wants to confirm its English driver also for the new season.

According to Toto Wolff, Mercedes did not want to flaunt Russel's excellent performance against Hamilton's lawyers, even though Wolff wishes the boy the best of luck to one day find the top car. Russel, let us always remember that he is a talent raised by Mercedes, and for the moment entrusted to William. We therefore do not know if at the end of Bottas' contract there will be room for him, or even space for Hamilton.

On the other hand, the English driver has recently declared something that has left many perplexed. According to Hamilton, in the event that he did not switch to Mercedes, and stayed with McLaren, he most likely would not have won any more titles. For this reason, rumors immediately broke out about the importance of the car to the driver. And here we return again to the discussion of Russell and Hamilton : how much does the car make and how much does the driver make? Surely Hamilton gave a great hand to develop the car, even if we all saw the ease of developing an overtaking by Russel against the unfortunate unfortunates during the race to replace Hamilton.

Yeah, but how long will there be time to negotiate? Clearly by the Bahrain Grand Prix, which will be the deadline to sign a contract. Given the impossibility of meeting face to face, there is also a problematic level of telematic negotiations.

The collective tests are scheduled from 12 to 14 March while the first kilometers traveled by the Formula 1 drivers will be a few days later. Obviously we are talking about Sunday 28 March.

And who knows, if by that date Hamilton and Mercedes will have found the right balance to convince themselves to sign. Who knows if on the Bahrain date, Russel will find himself having to drop into the cockpit of Mercedes. It would certainly be a great solution for Mercedes and a great chance for Russell himself to write his own name in the world of F1.


credit photo By Eustace Bagge - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=94116008