The world of marketing is now everywhere and it is impossible not to consider it when running a workshop. Within this article, we will see some really useful and ready-made tips and ideas.

The first idea we want to give is linked to the world of the web, in particular of internet sites. Customers now come from every single part of Italy and it is impossible to intercept them in the "old way". The workshops once used the so-called word of mouth, but now this is no longer feasible. It is essential to have a good website, which is able to convey new users.

However, not all people are able to create a website, and for this YouDriver is the ideal platform to intercept new customers. Within YouDriver it is possible to have a page where you can present your own officina. YouDriver is a great tool for reaching as many people on the web. Of course, you can publish a whole series of posts and communications to your customers within YouDriver. We recommend that you create a content schedule, in order to make the issue as planned and controlled as possible.

A second piece of advice I can give you is related to the world of e-mails. A lot of people use emails to communicate, but very often emails are quickly trashed. To overcome this impasse, platforms can be used that can convey a message directly to the customer. Again, YouDriver is the ideal and perfect platform. It is an app that is downloaded by many people, as well as having an efficient online version. You can then communicate to the customer that the car is ready, or communicate offers always through YouDriver.

Next step? Interact with customers who have made reviews. You will then be able to establish a very strong bond with the customer, thus allowing an even greater bond between you and the customer. Not all workshops pay attention to these areas, and thus obtaining a competitive advantage with reviews is quite simple.

Also in this case, YouDriver is able to create a perfect combination between the end customer and the workshop. YouDriver allows you to have the workshops reviewed within the platform. Each individual customer can decide how many stars to attribute to the single officina, thus allowing to increase its notoriety and prestige.

Lastly, I recommend that you be as attentive to details as possible and ask customers to review your YouDriver page. Very often, people need to be trained and informed about new technologies and new potentials. There are 60 million people in Italy, so it is normal that at first you should ask your customers to leave a review with YouDriver. The second time you see that customer, however, he will leave a review independently, and therefore your workshop will earn as many reviews as quickly.

A simple, fast and concrete way to make your workshop as engaging as possible, on a marketing plan that is useful for reaching any new customers. Always remember that in today's world, it is never "too much" to have a large number of customers. There is no maximum number of customers that a workshop can manage. The important thing is to be able to know how to manage them correctly, in order not to cause damage to customers and to your workshop.

Hasty customer management can lead to considerable damage to your workshop, both in the short term, but especially in the long run. If you deliver a hasty serve, you could run into problematic situations in the long run. Simply put, that particular customer will never come back to you and word will get around. Here then, why it is so important to be known within complex platforms in the structure, but simple to use like YouDriver.

The idea of YouDriver was born exactly with the aim of facilitating workshops as much as possible, in communicating with end customers. The big auto groups are spending tens of hundreds of thousands of euros every year to intercept new customers.

It is normal for small workshops to be in difficult situations when developing a marketing plan. Here, once again, is the total usefulness of YouDriver, that is of this new application that is becoming popular in the Italian and European automotive market. In fact, the application is not aimed simply at the Italian public, but at the European public, as it can be used in many European languages. A credit also for our country, as it is a 100% made in Italy application. At this point, the advice is clearly to subscribe to YouDriver without worries, as there are no registration costs and it is completely free. In this way, you will be able to greatly speed up the marketing process of your workshop and reach as many customers as possible quickly.

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