The house of the star presents the luxurious and larger version of its famous Truck. Let's find out together.

It has now been 3 years since Mercedes wanted to completely renew the Actros standards. The medium has been quite revolutionized, but has continued to maintain leadership in the industry since 1996.

In fact, it is the truck to be taken as a reference for long-haul transport. Now Mercedes presents the largest and most luxurious production model.

The new Actros L has a wealth of features for relaxed driving. The living dimension allows for more space. The direct consequence is more efficient work.

Technically, the cabin can be chosen in the StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace variants. There is also no engine tunnel in the driver's cabin and this allows for a flat floor and a comfortable environment.

Actros L also wants to be an ally in the fight against road accidents.

For this reason, a whole series of safety systems have been implemented. We are talking for example of the Active Sideguard Assist , with automatic braking function. The latter function can allow for greater safety when turning to the right.

This function also manages to have an Emergency Stop function, in order to automatically brake the vehicle to a total stop in the event of an emergency.

The fifth generation Active Brake Assist function is also included as standard. Pedestrian recognition is included in the basic configuration and this can allow the Actros L to significantly reduce all accidents at low speeds.

It is particularly useful in case of driver distraction, but also in case of minimum distance or inappropriate speed. The first warning occurs with an acoustic and visual warning and secondly the truck brakes automatically.

In terms of comfort, the driver can benefit from some equipment improvements . We refer in particular to the upholstery of the seats and the comfortable mattress which includes a topper of about 5 cm.

The rear wall of the cabin has also been improved with a pleasant feeling to the touch.

The driving position is also 4 cm lower and this allows better entry into the vehicle without sacrificing optimal driving.

To support a perfect view, the optional LED headlights make an important contribution to the driver.

In terms of Mercedes prices not yet wanted to reveal the price lists, but they will certainly be higher than the base Actros as the finishes and engineering improvements are evident.

credit photo MERCEDES media press