In today's article we will talk about how we can significantly reduce the business costs of a workshop, during a period of crisis like the present one.

The automotive world is experiencing a period of transition and international geopolitical conditions are certainly not rosy. We can therefore say that we are in a situation of "high attention", relative to the business of the Automotive world.

When a person is at the head of a company, he must certainly be able to reduce costs as much as possible, in order to guarantee a solid and lasting life for the company, in a situation of economy and prosperity for all.

Clearly, several aspects must be evaluated to reduce business costs, primarily by cutting unnecessary expenses. It is therefore an intervention that can be carried out in the short term, with repercussions in the long term.

Even a small change can have a significant impact, precisely because it extends the life span of a workshop as much as possible.

The first aspect that we must understand is how much the financial resources we have available are sufficient to guarantee a business continuity. We must therefore look at how autonomous we are, without going into situations of suffering and possible requests for bank loans.

If our workshop is in an excellent situation, this does not mean that we cannot face future difficulties, in the medium or short term. We are in the midst of sustainable mobility, and the new expenses that must be incurred for the adaptation of diagnostic tools, for example, are not small.

Here is how the entrepreneur must immediately make a local mind to understand any necessary expenses to be incurred, in his own workshop. We must therefore understand if the current financial situation may change due to certain changes in the automotive business in our area.

In the event of being in a prosperous situation, it is good to go and reduce expenses in any case, as the automotive world is constantly evolving.

The costs of running a business, such as a workshop, are high and it is difficult to set aside an emergency fund. The instruments cost, so also the depreciation costs create an important charge within the income statement and the overall balance of accounts.

The next step is to understand what the essential expenses are, and which ones can be reduced, by optimizing them. The target? Guarantee total customer satisfaction, for the latter's propensity to return to us.

We must therefore consider only what the company really needs, always guaranteeing a quality service and production efficiency.

Reduce the use of consumer products or even divide the expense and attribute it to different jobs required.

Ok, but what to reduce?

In some cases we can replace certain products with cheaper options, provided of course that the final service remains of excellent quality.

If our workshop offers certain services, such as a replacement car, whose management cost is really high, we can go and work out a proposal for reimbursement of any public transport or even the use of electric microcars.

From an operational point of view, there are a whole series of costs that can be modified, as they depend on aspects not technically linked to the workshop. The first aspect is to carefully consider and evaluate the best insurance, which can be used. In fact, we verify that the insurance we apply to our employees and the tools we have are "up-to-date". There is no need to pay for coverages that are not actually needed, neither to us nor to our customers.

Let's make some phone calls to local insurers, and check that we have the best conditions in the market.

Another interesting aspect to evaluate is the company current account, which can be reduced by going to negotiate with the bank manager for a better overall situation.

The landline can be eliminated, and we can use a mobile phone with a subscription of a few euros per month.

Internet and utilities can be managed in an optimal way, by making certain comparisons on the main online comparison sites.

Clearly we can always find an optimal solution in these respects but always remember to choose a solution that is the right combination of full and functional use… and economic convenience.

In fact, if we use an inexpensive but very poor internet connection, then we may have difficulties in communicating with our customers or carrying out certain updates of various kinds.

Let's not forget to go and review all the costs of our employees' training courses and advertising as well.

Our mechanics need to be up to date with the best and newest vehicle repair practices, but let's make sure the courses are of a high quality. Nobody likes to waste time, especially if money is spent.

On the other hand, advertising is a fundamental aspect. Intercepting new customers is certainly not easy, but a very useful tool comes to our aid on this aspect. We are talking about YouDriver.

YouDriver in fact allows you to intercept a large number of potential customers, precisely because it provides the company with a new highly customizable showcase.

In fact, customers can find the nearest professional or workshop wherever they are. A truly ingenious way to go and intercept new customers.

The current world predicts that new potential customers can come not only from people who live in our area, but also tourists or people who travel for work or leisure.

YouDriver, thanks to the very high number of active users, allows hundreds of workshops to find new customers every day. I therefore recommend that you download the YouDriver application immediately and subscribe to the site, to show your workshop and your services.

New customers and a progressive optimization and cost reduction program. A truly winning combination.

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