Waiting for the international electronics fair, the first rumors and the first declarations about the presence of car manufacturers with their news are already arriving.

We all know how technology and information technology are fundamental within the automotive world today.

Stellantis is one of the most important international car manufacturers and has just released a press release about the news that will be present from next January 5th.

At the Las Vegas CES fair we could see electrified models and a part dedicated to the virtual world and connectivity.

The advanced electrification in addition to the technology inside the cockpit are the most important aspects that we could see inside the Stellantis stand. According to the CEO of the house, vehicles form an integral part of people's digital lives and the future of mobility is powered by technology.

The international group currently owns 30 electrified models including fuel cell vans.

The most important innovations are for example linked to the Chrysler world where he presents a Concept that will guide the transformation of the American Brand towards clean mobility and a totally connected customer experience.

Obviously there will be the new 500 which in practice is the flagship of Fiat and an icon of the sustainable revolution of small cars.

An American icon that cannot be missed of course is the Wagoneer which has arrived with a new standard of refinement and authenticity.

Of course, let's not forget all the hybrid experience within the # Jeep world that will allow for even cleaner technology. The hybrid engine of the Wrangler is able to remember it to travel up to 21 miles in almost silent propulsion always with zero emissions and fully electric mode.

Obviously there is also the plug-in hybrid version of the Grand Cherokee, capable of traveling 40 km with zero emissions.

Citroen will develop an autonomous and electric transport robot that can move around cities.

Here is how one of the largest international automotive groups positions a whole series of innovations at the most important international electronics show. We therefore hope to see from the very first days of January how the sustainable mobility of the future will be concretely declined.

In fact, our expectation is palpable especially as regards the stands that can be visited by the lucky visitors of the international fair.

In consideration of the massive presence of the coronavirus in the United States, most of the on-site experiences can also be lived through social channels and within the sites of the international Automotive group.

In this way it will be like being present at the international fair but without leaving your home.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press