The two global industry giants should have finally found the agreement to make the electric car.

We don't even know for how long and how many years rumors have been circulating online about # Apple's interest in the production of its Apple Car. In fact, many times there have been announcements of flashback and announcements instead of removal from the project.

Entering the Automotive market for a company that is not in the sector is really complicated. Many manufacturers worldwide have tried to enter the automotive sector, but in the end they had to give up.

Apple is a technology leader and certainly needs no introduction. On the other hand we have Kia , which is a real automotive giant capable of producing millions of cars annually and selling them in every corner of the world. Now the two companies seem to have found a square to produce the first Apple Car.

Clearly Apple will produce this car using Kia's knowledge and manufacturing facilities, while absolutely putting its design on it.

The rumors, which are now becoming increasingly insistent and supported by various international newspapers, claim that these two companies have finally come one step closer to communicating the official nature of the project.

The news was launched by the Korean newspaper Dong-a Ilbo, which said it was at an advanced and close stage for the definition of the agreement.

According to the newspaper, on February 17 , according to all rumors plans, there should be the final agreement and a sort of planetary announcement.

But technically how would this agreement be defined? According to what is learned, Apple should invest about 3.6 billion dollars in a production plant owned by the Korean company, intended solely to produce the electric car.

According to the plans, the car should be born in 2024 and therefore it would take another three years to get up and running and see the first models.

The platform used will clearly be of KIA mold, and precisely the modular E-GMP platform . It is a platform that allows an interesting adaptation and the achievement of good performances in terms of electric car production.

This situation will clearly be exploited by Apple in order to create a car with the highest performance, the volumes of which should amount to around 100,000 cars per year.

Clearly these are just rumors, even if the markets have taken this news seriously. The title of the automotive manufacturer has in fact increased considerably in the last few hours, and this is an excellent signal for Apple to be convinced and enter the Automotive market once and for all.

It would be truly something revolutionary for a company inserted within another market to enter the Automotive market in such an important way and impose its line. A whole concept based on the knowledge of cars, which is inherent in car manufacturers, would be more or less revolutionized.

Manufacturers such as Dyson have had to abandon the electric car project, as has Google, in order to save money and not go to affect their assets.

If anything, in 20 or 30 years it will be customary to see cars signed by manufacturers that have nothing to do with cars in the first place. At the moment, however, it certainly has a certain effect.

credit photo Photo by Armand Valendez from Pexels