Mechanical workshops are progressively gaining ground within the automotive world. Within this article, we will try to understand the costs and economic returns, as well as the relationship with the customer in terms of loyalty.

  • Why also have a mobile workshop
  • When to use a mobile workshop externally
  • The benefits you could get by using an external service, or by offering an internal one.

Why also have a mobile workshop
The mobile workshop is an excellent solution in many cases. It is in fact ideal for professional craftsmen, who need to go to their customers with all the work tools.

We are talking, for example, of mechanical instruments, but also electrical ones, as well as specific work surfaces. Obviously the mobile workshop can boast tools, such as compressors, but also current generators and alternators.

This is how the mechanical workshop is something more, which cannot be missing within the automotive world.

Obviously, each workshop can decide the equipment to be inserted inside the van, in order to best meet the needs of its customers. If a workshop is highly specialized in areas of auto electricians, here it will need all the tools related to this area.

If, on the other hand, we are talking about a workshop that wants to push on services related to tires at home, here it can decline the van on this area.

The worktops, therefore, can be customized, without any problems of any kind.

However, let us always remember that vans must be approved as special vehicles, according to article 54 of the highway code. It is therefore necessary to observe some aspects, as regards the safety of passengers on board and equipment. Article 164 of the Highway Code defines these rules, in addition of course to community regulations and law 122 of 1992.

However, these are quite ordinary aspects, and nothing worrying or too complex. Finally, mandatory testing is required, in the event that there are 220 volt systems with the relative generators or compressors.

Always remaining within the special vehicle homologation, you can have the advantage of being able to access restricted traffic areas and insurance savings on car liability.

Here is how a first evaluation of costs and returns must be made, without a doubt. Let us remember that these vans are kept active for many years, and therefore in the construction phase let us remember to analyze this aspect on a medium-long time basis.

The mechanics are always the same for many years, and therefore a van used as a mobile workshop can work safely even for 10 years. Clearly, the creation of a mobile workshop service must be adequately communicated to customers, in order to give the latter the opportunity to use it.

When to use a mobile workshop externally
In some cases, however, the mobile workshop can be difficult to build, or not convenient to build internally in the workshop. In these cases, there are companies that allow you to work on behalf of third parties, and that make an external mobile workshop available to customers.

For example, if the workshop does not have immediate liquidity in the possibility of creating a mobile workshop, here is how it can go to use third-party services. The use of an external mobile workshop can however allow greater consolidation for the workshop, in terms of reputation towards its customers.

In simpler words, the mechanic can go to satisfy his customers more, with a service that other people actually realize, as long as they have their own assistance center, always in their own workshop.

The external mobile workshop could therefore only be used to repair minor interventions and subsequently, or at the same time, bring the car to the workshop at the end of the repair of the problem.

A second possibility of the convenience of relying on an external workshop is linked to the type of interventions. If we are a workshop that carries out interventions of a few tens of euros, such as a simple oil change, then creating a mobile workshop is something very expensive.

The initial investment, in this case, may not give an immediate return capacity. Here is how to rely on external mobile workshops for small jobs, where the profit margin is quite low, is the optimal solution.

The benefits you could get by using an external service, or by offering an internal one.
At the end of this article, we must therefore make a summary and understand when it is convenient to use a mobile workshop owned by us, or to use an external mobile workshop and offer the service to your customers.

Clearly we cannot, within this article, give an answer to every single professional. The reason is that, in Italy alone, there are tens of thousands of Automotive professionals, who could potentially have a mobile workshop.

Not being able to list all the different situations, let's try to make an overall reasoning.

The internal mobile workshop allows you to have complete control of the whole process, and to keep the bond with the customer firmly.

In this way, we will always have everything that happened to the car under control, and the relationship with our customer increases in a very important way. If we are also highly specialized operators and professionals, this is how quality control is an aspect that we cannot avoid.

On the other hand, however, the external workshop is a good service that can be used in an initial initial phase, or it can be used when there is no financial availability in the investment.

Technically, therefore, the external mobile workshop is a good support service for a workshop that wants to create an extra service for its customer. It may also happen that a particular workshop does not have adequate staff to dedicate to this service.

If we are the classic family workshop, in great demand in the area, but which is unable to dedicate a full or part time resource to the mobile workshop, then the external mobile workshop is the best solution.

In this way, it is possible to offer an extra service to the customer, provided of course that you trust the external mobile workshops and the companies that offer this service.

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