Great success for the Bolognese event among Automotive professionals interested in the future of the sector.

Those who were lucky enough to participate in this interesting event were certainly amazed by the quality and number of meetings that took place throughout the event.

The future of mobility has passed to Bologna, and has materialized in many exhibitors present and just as many visitors who participated in the numerous conferences and talks.

The future of the automotive industry will certainly be linked to technological change and sustainable and connected mobility. The large automotive groups were not missing, but also all the players who are active within the world of spare parts and distribution took part in the Bologna event

In fact, it is estimated that over 8000 visitors and around 300 companies participated in these events. This Autopromotec spin-off was in its first edition, but it certainly achieved a lot of success.

The contribution of the National Automotive Industry Supply Chain Association was also fundamental, which made it possible to organize a project linked to the ecological transition within two pavilions, in collaboration with various companies.

Many companies have also decided to choose the event to launch new services or new products, such as Magnete Marelli which presented an important digitalisation project.

On this occasion, the first edition of FAAS Sustainability Day was also held, an event clearly organized on Automotive sustainability.

There is also a lot of interest regarding applications and constant connection within the Automotive world. This aspect can no longer be extended, and is a function of the Automotive entrepreneur's ever-increasing ability to track individual data within his own company.

We are not talking only and simply about large companies, with large assembly lines, but in particular about small and medium-sized enterprises, which have always been fertile ground for the Italian economy.

The workshops are no exception, and indeed they are the beating heart of the continuity of car use within our beautiful cities. Workshops are the place where car enthusiasts and owners meet in order to get the most out of their car.

For this reason, Futuremotive has dedicated important attention to the topic of connectivity, as the latter is pervasive in workshops.

We can no longer think of workshops as dirty places characterized by chaos and lack of precision. Confusion definitely does not rhyme with productivity and operating turnover margins.

Every single process must be traced and made as smart as possible in every single aspect. Only in this way is it possible to obtain and have a clear and precise vision of the progress and productivity of every single aspect within the workshop.

The latter can be seen as a small company, with several business units and production areas. The individual mechanic could be very quick in the diagnosis, but have some problems when carrying out maintenance or replacing parts.

This aspect is clearly visible if there is not complete tracking of every single aspect. For this reason, the YouDriver application was created precisely by listening to the needs of automotive entrepreneurs and workshop owners.

YouDriver allows you to fully and completely track every single maintenance phase. Thanks to the use of QR Code, the individual mechanic can track how much time it takes in the diagnosis phase, rather than in the replacement phase and so on.

In this way, the owner can observe the impact of each work phase within his workshop. Consequently, the estimates can be more precise, precisely because the effort dedicated to that specific specification is actually known.

The calendar will no longer be cluttered with certain appointments made and poorly evaluated.

The incorrect evaluation of an intervention involves extra work on the part of the mechanic, certainly produces a loss of productivity but also discontent on the part of the mechanic and possible problems with the customer.

Only by having all the keys to understanding the economic data and the intervention of the mechanics, is it possible to have a clear and clear vision of your workshop. In this way, the service is absolutely perfect and there can therefore be no wrong estimates or slippages in delivery times.

When a customer delivers their car, they want to be sure of a quick and professional delivery.

For this reason the YouDriver application is the most excellent and high-performance on the market.

YouDriver allows complete and total management of the workshop in terms of workflows from entry to exit. From the first moment of contact with the customer, i.e. taking the agenda and booking the intervention, up to the final review for the completed work, YouDriver is perfectly able to help the workshop owner.

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