The luxury carmaker Lexus has introduced new safety-related technologies inside its premium LS car. Let's find out together.

The evolution of technology is increasing more and more rapidly within the automotive world. The car manufacturer Lexus, part of the Toyota maxi automotive group, has decided to invest heavily in terms of safety. In this way it has declined an advancement in technology starting with its flagship LS.

In fact, the new LS sedan uses the latest and most advanced safety systems worldwide, increasingly creating a concept of freedom of movement with total confidence in the vehicle.

Particular attention was paid to night driving. With the lack of light, very often people find it difficult to see perfectly what is in front of the car. Very often, therefore, people are taken by surprise during the night if they are faced with unforeseen situations.

For this reason, the new Lexus LS has adopted the BladeScanTM Adaptive High-Beam System (AHS). This is a technology that allows you to significantly increase the amplitude and distance of the front illumination. In this way, road signs, as well as potential hazards and pedestrians along the road, can be seen sooner and with greater response time. The difference with normal LED headlight technology is noticeable. This technology is implemented by directing the LED light of the headlights onto a rapidly rotating mirror and then through a lens, thus producing much more accurate lighting control.

The center rearview mirror has also been significantly improved. It now allows an unobstructed view of the road and the traffic behind it, thanks to real-time images obtained from the rear camera of the car. There are therefore no more obstacles in terms of the driver's line of sight from the head restraints or other passengers. The image is still clean and clear even at night.

The Lexus LS also features the powerful 360 ° Panoramic View Monitor. We are talking about a valuable help against low speed collisions. It is also used when the car overtakes another car on a narrow road, or is parked near a curb or takes a bend. The driver is able to observe the various distances by observing the monitor with a panoramic view.

Advanced Park is the new system designed and conceived for simple and regular automated parking. After tens and tens of thousands of tests in different types of parking, Lexus has analyzed all the various distances of the maneuvering angles. The result is an excellent design that allows the car to park automatically without any problem. The maneuver is fast and absolutely safe in every single aspect.

Lexus technology also allows Advanced Park to operate both when parking spaces are marked and when parking spaces are not marked and also allows you to store details of the locations used in order to optimize the subsequent parking process.

Lexus has therefore once again shown that it is interested in optimizing the life phase of the car in every single aspect. We are therefore talking about an important effort, given that the car has always been at the top in terms of prestige under the Toyota brand.