The German House of the Four Rings has recently been focused on the definition of 5-star acoustic comfort. Let's find out together how fundamental acoustics are for Audi.

Driving a prestigious car like Audi is certainly something that belongs to a premium target. These people therefore have the will to be able to drive a car in a completely relaxing way and without having to have hisses and annoying noises during the journey. This happens regardless of whether the path is short or long.

On this aspect, Audi is investing a great deal to define a concept of total acoustic comfort as soon as possible. Every car is in fact tested and developed not only by mechanical engineers and designers, but also by sound engineers.

In fact, modern electric cars have the problem that some rolling noises of the tires, for example, due to the absence of the background noise of the engine, are considerably more accentuated and for this reason Audi has decided to develop technological implementations in order to cushion the driver and other travelers even more, in order to make them travel as relaxed as possible.

In fact, special carpets have been inserted, made with advanced technologies that make it possible to isolate the passenger compartment and reduce the introduction of noise from the outside. In addition to this, obviously the aerodynamics have been accentuated in order to avoid aerodynamic rustles as much as possible.

Normally a car is tested for tens of thousands of kilometers , both on the road, but also on particular test benches inside the Audi warehouses in order to simulate every single type of possible vibration. Once the source of this vibration has been identified, an attempt is made to intervene in order to reduce the noise or even reset the source.

With regard to the electric market, the engineers must also always remember to reproduce a noisiness of the tailpipes in order to make the car seem pushed by thermal propulsion. This aspect may seem simple, but in truth it is an important activity in terms of acoustic engineering to reproduce the engine revolutions of a normal traditional thermal engine.

Audi has also developed a next step in sound beyond traditional surround sound. We are talking about a three-dimensional sound that was developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. By using Bang & Olufsen audio systems, Audi therefore tries to take a step further than the classic surround sound that we are used to.

In certain models it is also possible to choose integrations with # Sonos , one of the leading companies in the acoustic market, not only in the automotive sector.

In fact, very often we are led to define a car, good or bad, but we never ask ourselves how much work is hidden even in the least of aspects. Audi certainly has an edge even under the acoustic aspect.

credit photo AUDI media press