The US luxury brand renews its "mini" SUV, with truly sensational interiors.

When you talk about historic US automotive brands, you can only think of Cadillac. Buying a Cadillac in the United States means buying a prestigious and truly state-of-the-art car.

Over the years, Cadillac has adapted to the needs and dictates of the market. Once upon a time, Cadillacs were one and only beautiful cars, used several times in US police shows.

Cadillac has currently introduced several SUVs within its production line. One of these is definitely XT4, just presented in its new guise.

The SUV in question undergoes a major restyling, and is the smallest Cadillac model present in Italy. A US brand that points to the future with a line that is decidedly sharp in its lines, and full of stylistic features.

The arrival on the streets is expected in the summer of this year, but the first photographs of the SUV have already begun to circulate on the web.

The United States has always been synonymous with maxi cars, but in this case we are talking about a four-wheeler 4 m and 60 cm long. With a height of 163cm, we have a very massive car, but also flowing lines at the rear.

Important news at the front, especially in the headlights. The latter have benefited, in the recent restyling, from the particular geometry developed on two levels. While the daytime running lights are developed vertically, the low beams are developed horizontally.

Even when looking at the rear of the SUV, the introduction of the new taillights is immediately noticeable, which extend mainly in a vertical aspect. A new design of lights therefore characterizes the rear part of the car, making it very fluid.

New 18 and 20-inch alloy wheels, but also new body colors.

Anyone wishing to buy this SUV should clearly decide which trim level to buy. Three of them will be proposed, they will be distinguished from each other according to the styles of the interiors and some aesthetic characteristics.

To give a very simple example, the Sport trim level will be the most dynamic and will include a more aggressive fascia and specific alloy wheels.

Climbing aboard the car, we will immediately notice how the dashboard will be redesigned in order to make room for a 33-inch curved display and a very high resolution. The display makes a big leap in quality compared to the previous version, and the interface has also been completely redesigned.

The multimedia system is based on the famous Google Automotive, and allows you to use Google Maps very quickly, but also other applications present in the Google Store.

Obviously there is no shortage of 5G wi-fi connectivity, as well as Android Auto and wireless Apple carplay.

The interiors have been revised and made minimal, as the market currently requires. The details of the dashboard in brushed aluminum make it clear immediately how this car is synonymous with luxury and total completeness of details.

The driver assistance systems are really very complex, and allow for example to have an emergency braking if pedestrians or cyclists crossing the road are intercepted, but also rear braking for cross traffic. This last aspect is really very useful when reversing in busy areas with poor visibility.

The new SUV can also be equipped with an additional safety package, in addition to the adaptive cruise control.

Under the bonnet there is a 4-cylinder and 2000 cubic cm turbo petrol engine, which allows you to have 235 HP and 349 Nm of torque. The nine-speed automatic gearbox allows the car to be as fluid as possible, as well as significantly reducing consumption.

Four-wheel drive will be available to customers as an optional choice: an extra help when driving off-road.

No information has been released regarding prices, but they will certainly be in line with the latest Cadillac news and in any case within a decidedly premium price range.

Buying a Cadillac means buying a high-quality product that winks at American tastes, but which has recently also extended to the tastes of Europeans.

This can be recognized very quickly, simply by observing the central dashboard and the stylistic linearity, as well as the characterization of the buttons and the minimal aspects of the dashboard itself.

A very well made car, therefore, which even if it was included in the smaller SUV segment for the United States of America, still manages to have an important appeal in Europe as well.

An SUV measuring four meters and 60 cm is absolutely normal to find on our streets. Even the new Cadillac will therefore be able to make inroads into the hearts of Italians and Europeans, although we still expect it to be a niche SUV due to the lack of knowledge that the vast majority of Italians have of Cadillac cars.

This is certainly a pity since the quality of Cadillac products has always been very high and they have nothing to be inferior or in the background compared to the great German brands that have always been synonymous with quality and attention to detail.

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photo credit CADILLAC media press