After much buzz, here is the most awaited hybrid of the last year, with over 1000 horsepower and an even more cutting edge design.

Sustainable mobility and hybrid engines have also arrived inside the Lamborghini.

This new car, the heir to the Lamborghini Aventador, was presented a few hours ago. By combining the power of the internal combustion engine with the electric one, 1,015 horsepower is reached.

Going from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 2 and a half seconds, while reaching 200 km/h takes just 7. An impressive acceleration time, which also allows the car to reach and exceed 350 km/h.

Truly sensational numbers for this hypercar, with which Lamborghini wants to openly challenge all the sacred monsters of the automotive world. Under the hood we have a beautiful 6500 cm3 naturally aspirated V12 engine.

The previous engine had about 800 horsepower, but with the refinements and the union of the electric power the threshold of one thousand horsepower was exceeded. This car was renamed the Revuelto, again the name of a bullfighting bull famous for going berserk and charging eight times off the course towards the public.

Lots of news under the hood and in the lines. The first big news is clearly the 8-speed dual-clutch robotized gearbox, developed internally by the Italian company. Its position is at the rear of the internal combustion engine, and this will allow even faster gear changes than with the single clutch.

For the first time, Lamborghini has three electric motors under the bonnet that allow you to give even more strength and snap to this incredible car. Each of the electric motors has 150 horsepower: two are placed on the front axle (to move the wheels) and one on the rear axle. In this way, the car has a sort of four-wheel drive at whatever speed it is.

The electric battery is almost 4 kWh gross and technically it can also be recharged at the socket, located inside the front trunk. Lamborghini technicians and engineers have also created a driving mode that allows you to travel on the roads regenerating the battery through regenerative braking.

Just 6 minutes will be enough to bring the accumulator back to 100% according to the data of the Automotive company. In this way, the more than a thousand horses are always available and it is not necessary to stop at the column.

The design of this car is truly amazing. Impossible not to instantly recognize the Lamborghini style, made even more performing with these new lines and with these huge front lights, which are connected in symbiosis with the air intakes. A sort of extension of the technological and aerodynamic research that Lamborghini has carried out over the years.

The large Matrix LED headlights are almost hidden between the bonnet and the entire front end. The large openings on the sides of the front bumper allow the air to be channeled in order to cool the complex hybrid system.

A particularity that we want to highlight is linked to the management of the car through the driving assistants. It might seem strange to think, and at times very "particular", but it is the first Supercar to offer all level 2 semi-autonomous driving systems.

The doors have the classic and iconic scissor opening, with large vents just behind the sides. Observing the car from the rear, one immediately notices the lights that incorporate the Y motif. The latter are positioned very high, in order to give more space to the large diffuser which allows the car to be further pressed to the ground, so as to have greater stability at high speeds.

The engine is visible: it is therefore possible to see the beautiful 12-cylinder just as the engineers and technicians built it in the factory.

This car is even 2 cm lower than the Aventador, with a height of 112 cm. Despite this technical choice, getting on board the car we have more space than in the past.

Thanks to a very scrupulous work on the carbon monocoque, the engineers of Sant'Agata Bolognese have made it possible to have over 3 cm more space for the driver's head. In this way, it is possible to take the car to the track and go wild in complete safety.

There is no shortage of space behind the seats, and this too has increased. Clearly we are not talking about large quantities of space, but all in all it is something really useful for small daily trips.

Climbing aboard the car, it is impossible not to be enchanted by the very high technology that Lamborghini has wanted to put on these cars. There is a multimedia system with a 10-inch touchscreen, but this is one of the less impactful aspects of the car.

Even the interior can be customized to your liking, with unique features that the owner can choose in terms of stitching, fabrics and color combinations.

The steering wheel has a flattened lower part to ensure greater speed and handling of the car on the track, but also ease of use. The digital dashboard has been completely revised and a second touch screen has been implemented for the passenger.

A car therefore that will leave its mark within the automotive world and which should arrive by the end of 2023. No information has been released regarding prices, but there are rumors that they could be around half a million euros.

As is often the case with these exclusive cars, the waiting list will be very long. All units produced from today for the next 24 months have already been sold.

A revolutionary and breathtaking car in terms of power and style. We can't wait to be able to admire it live on the road, or rather on the track, to hear the roar of the V12 and the constant and always available power of the electric part.


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photo credit FORD media press